Manchester United U-18 team is on the verge of winning the league. It defeated rival Liverpool and increased the possibility of winning.

Global sports media “The Athletic” said on the 6th, “Manchester United U-18 Team beat Liverpool 9-1,” adding, “Manchester United striker Ethan Wheatley played for 57 minutes and scored a hat trick.”

Manchester United’s official social media also congratulated the U-18 team on its victory and applauded the team for its excellent results. Manchester United secured its victory by widening the gap to 4-1 in the first half alone, and scored five more goals in the second half to seal its victory.

Unlike Manchester United’s first team, Manchester United’s under-18s are showing off their relentless moves. The U-18s of the Premier League will be divided into 13 teams, one from the north and the other from the south, to play in the league.

Manchester United’s under-18 team is racing to the top of the Northern League. It beat Liverpool in a landslide, crossing the eight-point ridge of its victory. With four games left in the league, it is 13 points behind second place. Manchester City, Manchester United’s regional rival, is in second place. Manchester City has played two fewer games than Manchester United, but it is difficult to turn the tables.

His record is also excellent. He has 17 wins, two draws and one loss in 20 matches in the league. He is also No. 1 among 26 youth teams with a margin of 47. He is the top scorer with 68 points, and the number of goals lost is 21 points, which is second after Manchester City’s 20. The Manchester United under-18 team boasts excellent balance between offense and defense.

The U-18 team is on a flower-filled path, but Manchester United’s moves for the first team are dark. Manchester United is currently sixth in the league, and it is difficult to secure a berth to the UEFA Champions League, which is given up to fourth place. The team is 12 points shorter than the fourth-ranked Aston Villa. Manchester United played two fewer matches than Aston Villa, but it is not easy to catch up with them. They also failed to make it to the UEFA Champions League in two years, finishing last in the group.

The record contrasts most with that of the U-18s. The under-18s have scored 68 goals in 20 matches, showing off their scoring capacity of more than three goals per game, but the Manchester United’s first team has scored only 43 goals in 30 league matches, ranking 15th in scoring position. This is a record far lower than their league ranking. The team has scored less than two goals per game, which is disastrous.

You can tell just by your personal record. No Manchester United player is listed in the top 10 of the Premier League scoring list. Manchester United’s most prolific scorers are four – Alejandro Garnacho, Rasmus Hoylun, Scott McTominay, and Marcus Rashford – with seven goals. No player has scored more than 10 goals.

He observes the loss. Manchester United is tied for fifth with Tottenham Hotspur in the league’s minimum run ranking. 44 runs were allowed in 30 games. The record of runs is good, but the difference in points is negative compared to the score. It is a team that has more runs than scores. It is a record that cannot be good. 스포츠중계

Manchester United is set to play Liverpool in the 32nd round of the Premier League on the 7th.

Manchester United’s under-18s were victorious despite their away matches against Liverpool’s under-18s. However, Manchester United’s chances of beating Liverpool at home are slim. In their recent showdowns with the English FA Cup quarterfinals, Manchester United won the game 4-3 after agonizing overtime, but Liverpool is second in the league, vying with Arsenal and Manchester City.

Media outlets have similar views. The Evening Standard said Liverpool would win the match between Manchester United and Liverpool 3-1, adding that Liverpool seems to be strong against Manchester United, which allows shooting regardless of left or right or center.

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