In the end, Kim Min-jae’s fate will depend on the new coach. If Julian Nagelsmann is appointed, it will be in his hands.

The German edition of Sports Illustrated reported on the news of Nagelsmann’s return to Bayern Munich on Saturday (Aug. 16) with the headline “Nagelsmann before Bayern Munich? A return makes sense for three reasons”.

Bayern will part ways with current coach Thomas Tuchel after this season. In February, the club announced on its official website that “Bayern and Tuchel will end their relationship this summer” and that his contract will not be extended beyond next season.

It’s a no-brainer considering Tuchel’s performance this season. They have already been knocked out of various cup competitions, and with the Champions League remaining, it’s not going to be easy. In the league, Leverkusen won the title with a win over Werder Bremen last time out, ending Bayern’s bid for a 12th consecutive league title. Tuchel controversially said “congratulations to Leverkusen” after the loss to Dortmund, acknowledging that the title race was effectively over. Despite the calls for Tuchel’s dismissal, Bayern are focused on finding their next coach for next season, rather than sacking him immediately.

Xabi Alonso was Bayern’s first contact and most desired manager. After coaching Real Madrid’s youth team in 2019, Alonso made his professional managerial debut in the summer of 2019 when he took charge of Real Sociedad’s B team. After relinquishing the reins last summer, he took over at struggling Leverkusen in October of last year. Leverkusen, who were 17th and in the relegation zone at the time, were completely transformed under Alonso. Alonso led Leverkusen to a sixth-place finish in the league, and the club qualified for the Europa League. This season, they even won the league title.

Initially, there was optimism that the Alonso deal would go through. ‘According to reports, Bayern are optimistic that Alonso can come,’ said Sky Sports Germany. Reporter Florian Plettenberg also suggested that he could be heading to Bayern instead of Liverpool. ‘Alonso has said that Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp’s legacy is a tough number, and he could have more to lose than win,’ he said, explaining that Alonso could opt for Bayern, where the pressure is less.

However, Alonso, who wanted to continue his association with Leverkusen, rejected Bayern’s offer. With the news that he would remain at Leverkusen until next season, Bayern had to consider other options.

Eventually, the Bavarians turned to other candidates and found their man in Nagelsmann, their former coach. Nagelsmann has already been in contact with Bayern and negotiations are said to be progressing. The Bavarians would be in for a real boost if Nagelsmann returns.

According to Sports Illustrated Germany, “Nagelsmann is set to become Bayern”s new coach. More than a year has passed since he left the club in March 2023, and he is expected to return to Bayern. There have already been concrete discussions and he doesn’t seem to be reluctant to return. But you have to ask the question: why are things better this time around, and it’s clear why he has a good chance of succeeding.

Bayern had three hopes for Nagelsmann’s second term. Better support, more say, and maturity and confidence. In terms of support, it seems likely that Bayern will be fully behind Nagelsmann’s plans. As for maturity and confidence, it’s something that Nagelsmann himself has grown into.

The most important aspect for the fans is to have a say. Nagelsmann’s last stint in charge of Bayern saw his voice diminish as he clashed with the club’s hierarchy, leading to his dismissal. However, the new Bayern hierarchy of president Max Eberle and CEO Christoph Proint will give Nagelsmann plenty of say.

The German edition of Sports Illustrated said: “Bayern are on the verge of change. The squad will be significantly reorganized and old and underperforming 토토 players will have to leave. Nagelsmann will probably be given decision-making powers. In his first appointment, Nagelsmann didn’t bring in the players he wanted. The same thing shouldn’t happen in his second stint. Perhaps he will be able to assemble the squad the way he wants,” he said, arguing that Nagelsmann will have a big influence on the composition of the squad.

If Nagelsmann is able to influence the composition of the squad, it will inevitably affect Kim Min-jae, who was relegated to the bench. Initially, it was reported that Kim’s future would be decided after the appointment of the new coach. “It will take some time before we know for sure what will happen with Kim Min-jae and Upamecano,” said Romano, a European soccer transfer market expert. The new coach will be an important step in Bayern’s decision, and they will work out these plans with the coach,” explaining that Tuchel’s successor will ultimately decide where Kim will stay.

Kim was the undisputed starter for the first half of the season, but is now on the bench behind Eric Dier. What Nagelsmann decides to do with the player will determine whether the English Premier League (EPL) and Serie A clubs, who are currently interested in the player, will accelerate their pursuit.

Meanwhile, regarding the progress of the Nagelsmann deal, Florian Plettenberg, a reporter for Sky Sports Germany who is familiar with Bayern news, reported on his personal social media account on Saturday that ‘Julian Nagelsmann’s return to Bayern is gradually taking shape.

‘Specific negotiations are currently underway and a three- to four-year contract is planned,’ Plettenberg said. Nagelsmann envisions a return to Bayern, and a final agreement is still to be reached. However, Bayern believe their search for a new coach is almost complete. ‘Negotiations with Nagelsmann have intensified after Xabi Alonso’s rejection,’ the source said.

European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano also confirmed the news on social media, saying: “Nagelsmann is the frontrunner for the Bayern job. There have already been contacts and the decision is up to Nagelsmann. He’s the strongest candidate at the moment,” and acknowledged the possibility of Nagelsmann’s appointment.

If Nagelsmann were to return, it would be an extraordinary comeback. Nagelsmann is Tuchel’s former manager. He was sacked midway through last season, and Tuchel took over the reins, making Nagelsmann a likely successor to Tuchel.

Bayern are believed to be in talks with Nagelsmann to return to the club. Nagelsmann is currently in charge of the German national team and has a contract until the upcoming Euro 2024. He should have no problem taking charge of Bayern again next season.

However, Nagelsmann has expressed some regrets about his time at Bayern. “I signed with Bayern on the condition that I would change the team situation,” he told German media. Some clubs give you time. Jürgen Klopp had five years at Liverpool before he became a champion. Pep Guardiola also took seven years to win the Champions League with Manchester City. “But coaches who come to Bayern don’t have a lot of time to develop something,” he said, explaining that the pressure is on and the time to show results is short at Bayern.

A man who loves Bayern is preparing to return to the club. If Nagelsmann does return, there will be a lot of interest in how he will shape Bayern’s squad next season.


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