Elk Studios is going wild at its latest slot release, Rogue Rats in Nitropolis. While preparing for the final battle, the rats are trying to survive the harsh environment of Nitropolis.

Exploring the Wasteland:

These strange rats live in the wilderness around this mysterious city, and they have to make sure that the city is theirs. This means that they have to weaken the Nitropolis Police Department. They are looking for police vehicles or headquarters to blow them up and release themselves, but they need your help.

The grid doesn’t look like what we see in popular slot releases. Instead, it looks like an infinite desert, and the rats are scooping it out to find money symbols, bonuses, and prizes they can use in the final battle.

The popular CollectR mechanism allows players to find progressive multipliers, instant coin wins, and maxwin coins, along with bonus games and super bonus games, as well as various symbol upgrades.

The game has a good chance of winning, so players can get up to 25.000 times the basic bet.

When at least two bonus symbols land, a free-spin bonus round is triggered. However, when one super bonus symbol appears, the super bonus game is activated and all the spins bring nitro fuel boost, greatly increasing the odds of winning.

The mouse can roam the entire desert, with no end in sight. As they move, the desert expands, revealing even more rewards. Each mouse has its own vehicle, and the color of the payment symbol must match the color of the vehicle. In addition, they can collect any feature symbols they notice while searching.


The amount of gas is limited, but that’s why it has nitro fuel capabilities. The fuel level increases each time the payment symbol is collected or the function symbol is photographed. When the gauge is full, the player gets an additional fuel boost.

The game includes many features and characteristic symbols. If a new vehicle symbol is gathered, the vehicle changes its color, which increases the chance of victory as it can collect more payment symbols. Nitro Blob upgrades the symbols, while Missile Silo reveals new symbols to expand and collect desert. Coins confer instant victory, and the NDP Radar improves global multipliers.

Thanks to the popular X-iter mechanism, players can enjoy five game modes. They can buy bonus games that greatly increase their chances of winning, and the price ranges from three to 500 times the bet.

This slot is said to be highly volatile, with a volatility rating of 8 out of 10. Hit frequency is 33.0% and RTP is 94%. 슬롯머신사이트

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