Marcus Simien of the Texas Rangers expressed his despair at not being able to play the No. 1 hitter properly.

“I’ve never been more desperate on the field,” Simien said in an interview after losing Game 5 of the Championship Series against the Houston Astros 4-5 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, on the 21st.

Shimien, who played as the first second baseman on the day, went silent without a hit in five at-bats. In the third and ninth innings, he failed to call in when the runner was in the scoring position of scoring.

“I was aiming for a ball that I could hit,” he said. Verlander is a pitcher who has faced many times. “I didn’t do what I wanted against him,” he said, expressing regret over the game.

The at-bat in the ninth inning was particularly disappointing. A well-hit ball from the first and second bases with no outs went straight to the shortstop.

“It was a tie opportunity,” he said. I didn’t bunt. This is because he did not want Seager, the next batter, to be walked. “I hit him hard, but the opponent played well,” he said, adding that it didn’t work out as he intended.

Shimien is sluggish this postseason with a batting average of 0.159 OPS of 0.418. “Not only today, but the last few games have been like that. He also got a good hit. You have to keep trying. We continue to create an in-play situation, but we are not making quality contact,” he said, adding that better contact is needed.

When asked about Adolis Garcia’s walk and bench-clearing in the bottom of the eighth inning, he said, “I was surprised. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt during a game. Even more so if the player is our team’s best hitter. It was a difficult situation,” he said.

When asked if he thought the opposing pitcher’s walk was intentional, he said, “Maybe everyone over there will say no, and we will say so.”

Regarding the fact that not only the pitcher who threw a walk but also Garcia was sent off, he expressed regret, saying, “The pitcher is naturally sent off, and I didn’t hear why the batter was sent off.”

As for closer Jose LeCluck, who allowed a reversal in the ninth inning, he said, “He’s a player who’s worked hard to come back to this position. Opposing hitters have seen him a lot and made some changes. We still have faith in him,” he said, instilling faith.

Texas will go on an away trip to Houston with two wins and three losses. They need to win all of Game 6 and Game 7 to reach the World Series.

“It’s time for us to react,” he said. Our players are more motivated than ever. This is because the season is at stake. We have to continue to play good baseball,” he said.

Coach Bruce Bochy said, “He’s trying to find a way. In the ninth inning, he hit a strong ball. There is also a need for a little luck. If the ball had escaped, it would have been a different game,” he said, expressing his thoughts on Simien’s batting.

Simien was silent at the plate, but in defense, he made a decisive defense in the sixth inning to prevent the team from losing additional runs. 스포츠토토

Former Texas left-hander Derek Holland said on his X (formerly Twitter), “There are a lot of people who hate Simien, but let’s remember that the defense changed everything. Even if the bat is not hitting properly right now, we are not continuing the slump in defense,” he said.

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