The New York Racing Authority (NYRA) announced on July 4 that all NYRA content has been removed from FanDuel’s betting platform due to a contract dispute between NYRA and FanDuel Racing. The standoff means Belmont’s Paris Mutual Betting and Live Video Stream, currently underway at the Big A Spring/Summer Games, will not be available at FanDuel, formerly known as TVG.

The ongoing negotiations aim to resolve:

The NYRA has indicated that it will continue discussions with FanDuel to address these disagreements and achieve its goal of increasing the financial flow for sports and its stakeholders in New York.

“NYRA offers racing content that fuels the interests of out-of-state ADWs, such as TVG/FanDuel,” Tony Allevato, NYRA’s chief revenue officer, said in a press release. “NYRA must prioritize the overall health and wider industry of sports here in New York. We will continue to negotiate to find equitable solutions to make our racing widely available across the country.”

In response to NYRA’s announcement, FanDuel issued a statement saying it hopes to “re-use this content soon.”

“We cannot agree to new terms and conditions of offer that are materially inconsistent with our previous contract,” a statement reported by the Daily Racing Form read. “We understand and regret that this will be an inconvenience to our customers. We have made a significant investment in horse racing and will continue to be very committed to our track and jockey partners.”

FanDuel’s historic partnership with NYRA:

FanDuel, recognized as the largest processor of legal sports betting and horse racing betting in North America, has been offering bets in NYRA races since launching its advance betting service in 2000. In addition to betting, FanDuel’s network offers a wide range of TV broadcasts.

NYRA also plays an active role in racing broadcasts through FOX and its affiliated sports channels.

Contractual disputes between racetracks and ADW providers are not uncommon, as many eventually lead to solutions that restore signalling and betting access. Such negotiations often become fiercer and more in demand as critical races or races approach. The summer racing season of New York’s prestigious Saratoga Racecourse is set to begin on July 11, adding to pressure to resolve the dispute quickly.

In a release distributed by the NYRA, the New York Thoroughbred Horse Association (NYTHA) and the New York Thoroughbred Breeders (NYTB) voiced their support for the NYRA.

“The Maple Owners of New York are deeply invested in creating the best racing products in New York,” said Tina Bond, president of the New York Association, in a presentation by Blood Horse. “We absolutely agree that fair compensation for that investment is absolutely essential. If the New York Thoroughbred industry thrives, we will all benefit.”

Najah Thompson, executive director of NYTB, added, “NYRA strives to broaden the economic benefits that flow through New York’s horse racing industry, and our membership supports this effort in every way. Funding from ADW, which carries the NYRA, supports breeding farms statewide, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the NYRA.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Even though NYRA content is currently not available on FanDuel, bets in NYRA races can be accessed through other ADW platforms, including NYRA’s own NYRA Betts.

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