It all started when Choi Sol-gyu disrupted team training after drinking during the Korea Open held in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do last July.

 In addition, it was discovered that he had invited his girlfriend to his national team dormitory.

The national team, which judged the conduct to be unsuitable for the national team

reported this to the association. An association official said, “After receiving the report

we conducted an interview with the player. I also admitted my mistake. 

However, disciplinary action was decided after the AG. 

He had already entered the entry list, and the player was willing to work hard if given one last chance. 

He explained, “It’s a kind of consideration.”

In October, three months later, the Performance Improvement Committee tried to impose a two-year disciplinary ban on him from the national team. 

However, it was decided to reconsider due to some claims that the level was excessive compared to the extent of the mistake.

There has been a change. An association official said, “It was last month. 

An official letter was sent to each affiliated team saying, ‘National team players must attend reinforcement training.’ 

Since disciplinary action was being discussed, an official letter was also sent to Choi Sol-gyu. 

At that time, I received a message from his team

Yonex, saying, ‘The player has intentions to retire (from the national team) and will not attend this training.’ “

He said he would not play in the 2024 national team selection event this month.”

Disciplinary discussions stopped due to this ‘intention to retire’. 

This was because if the player himself decided to retire, the effectiveness of the disciplinary action would disappear, making any further discussion meaningless. 

This is also the reason why Choi Sol-gyu did not participate in major international competitions such as the Denmark/French Open and the Japan/China Masters after AG.

arose again. His family, who found Choi Sol-gyu’s absence from the game strange

began to investigate the situation, and in the process complained of Choi Sol-gyu’s injustice.

Choi Sol-gyu’s father said, “I was upset that Kim Won-ho’s injury prevented him from participating in the Korea Open

so I drank with two team members and was late for the meeting the next day.  지울프-토토

He said, “The reason I called my girlfriend was to relieve the burden that became unnecessary due to my non-performance,” and “I sincerely regret my mistake and asked for forgiveness, saying I will not let this happen again.”

“I don’t know why the arrows only go to Solgyu. The two players who drank together are still on the national team

but Sol Gyu-man had to leave the athletes’ village under the instructions of the coach,” said his father

who was aggrieved and said, “I competed in the AG without even being able to exercise with my partner. 

During the competition, they were treated as invisible and ostracized. 

He had no side coaching and remained indifferent during the finals. 

He criticized and insulted his son in Sol-gyu’s absence,” he said, claiming that Choi Sol-gyu was a victim of sports violence.

Regarding the ‘intention to retire’ recognized by the association, “Not at all.” 

I just said that I didn’t want to attend training because the leaders’ sports violence was getting worse. 

Even now, the stress is so severe that everyday life is difficult,” he said, adding,

We need to reveal the true nature of sports violence and ensure that Solgyu can participate in international competitions normally.”

Regarding this, an association official said, “There was inappropriate behavior that went beyond just not attending training due to drinking. 

I also had an interview with him about that. 

There are clearly differences from the claims of the players’ families. 

We will organize the data and officially announce it step by step,” he said.

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