Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou has been honest about why he chose Tottenham. He said he was interested in Tottenham because it had not grown for a long time. Postecoglou said “fact,” but it is not a good sound for a Tottenham fan. “irrelevance” is Tottenham’s biggest criticism.

The British media “Independent” reported on the 7th that “Postecoglou said Tottenham attracted him because he had nothing to do with it.”

The Independent added, “Postecoglou admitted that Tottenham would not have a trophy again this year, but said he wanted to change it to 2025. He said the biggest attraction was the opportunity to end Tottenham’s long trophy drought.”

Postecoglou took the helm of Tottenham ahead of the 2023-2024 season. Tottenham dismissed former coach Antonio Conte in March last year, about two months before the end of the season. Tottenham ended the season falling to eighth place. It couldn’t even win a ticket to the European competition. Star player Harry Kane also left for Bayern Munich. Tottenham recruited Postecoglou in the midst of a huge crisis.

Tottenham, which is based in North London, has an ambiguous position within the Premier League. Tottenham recently opened its new stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Its training center boasts one of the best in the league. It is true that it is richer than other mid- to low-ranking clubs, but it is not comparable to traditional prestigious clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal. Tottenham is grouped into the Big Six with them, but Tottenham is the only team that has not won the Premier League. It is big enough to be among small and medium-sized clubs, but if it is included in a big club, it is the weakest team.

Postecoglou said, “The stadium is fantastic and the training facilities are excellent. But that’s not the reason why I came to Tottenham. Tottenham hadn’t won for a while. That’s why I came. That’s the biggest attraction.”

Tottenham has had no win since 2008. The Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup are categorized as major competitions, and there are no Champions League, and there are no lower tier European competition trophies such as Europa League or Conference League.

Postecoglou said, “It’s a club that hasn’t been successful for a long time. It’s a big challenge for me. When will I be able to be successful? I hoped it would be within this year, but it’s too bad. I will be successful next year.”

Postecoglou forewarned that there would be a tough road ahead.

He said, “You have to understand that the process of growth is very difficult. It doesn’t develop as you can see. It can be disappointing and discouraging, and it can lead to less enthusiasm. You will continue to face challenges.”

At the same time, he said, “This process will lead to success. If I don’t do well, others will do it. The reason I am here is to make Tottenham successful. I want to achieve it as soon as possible.” 바카라사이트 추천

“I want only those who know Tottenham and understand what the challenges Tottenham presents to them to come to Tottenham. We are different from other clubs in that we have not had success for a while. So I am looking for a certain type of character.”

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