SEOUL (Yonhap) By Byung-hyuk Chun (Yonhap) Chun and Kim Jung-hyun, the eighth-ranked professional go 스포츠토토존 players, have achieved the status of Ipsin, the nickname given to those who have reached the level of gods when it comes to go.On June 29, Han Woong-kyu defeated Heo Yeong-rak 4th dan in the 9th Korea Professional Knight Association League, adding one victory point to his accumulated score of 240.5 points to reach the 9th dan, the Korea Go Association announced on June 1.Han Woong-kyu 9-dan, who joined the organization in 2008, reached the quarterfinals of the 2009 BCCB and qualified for the main stage of a major world tournament the following year. Since then, he has also made the main draw at the LG, Samsung Hwa Jae Do and Bailing events .Kim Jung-hyun, 8-dan, who made his professional debut in 2009, defeated Kim Sun-ki, 5-dan, in the domestic qualifying round of the 9th Kuksusanmac International Go Tournament on June 28 to earn his 9-dan rating.Kim Hyun-chan and Wee Tae-woong, 5th dan, were promoted to Tong-yu (alias 6th dan), Kim Da-young, 4th dan, Yong-ji (alias 5th dan), and Heo Seo-hyun and Kim Min-seok, 3rd dan, were promoted to Sogyo (alias 4th dan).According to Kukkiwon’s rules, four points are awarded for victories in the general tournament (including the KB League and China League) and one point for victories in the 안전놀이터 Korean Professional Knight Association League and limited tournaments (rookie, women’s, and senior tournaments).

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