One thing that we can say for certain when it comes to the Reactoonz game from Play’n GO is that this game has a lot going on. Between the music, the animation, and the near constant motion there is a lot to digest.

With an adorable alien theme, it builds on its predecessor the Energoonz slot game and its 5×5 grid. This time it adds to the fun across a 7×7 grid, and in doing so in our opinion, increases the entertainment factor. But figuring it all out can be a bit of work. Which is why we’re here to help.

How to Play
Basically, this is what is called a grid slot game. And as such, it pays in clusters rather than lines. The symbols are different aliens of different colours, and you want to match them up in clusters of 5 or more in order to win.

As a grid game, Reactoonz technically only has one payline. That in some ways simplifies betting as you don’t have to choose how many paylines to activate.

What you do need to know is how wins are calculated and that’s a little more complicated. A glance at the game’s paytable however, should help you sort it out.

Other than that, actual game play is pretty traditional, with you choosing your bet amount and pushing the spin button – both found at the bottom of your screen – to set the alien action in motion.

The highest prize, by the way, is a rather precise 91,406 coins.

Bonus Features
While the entertainment factor alone is enough of a draw to gain our interest in the Reactoonz game, we realise that one of the main draws of any online slots game is its bonus features. And Reactoonz is no exception on that front as well.

First off, there is the Cascading Reels system, which has the potential to generate a number of wins in a row. 25 winning symbols in a row light up the green charge bar on what is called the Quantum meter (located on the right side of your screen) and a random special feature begins.

One such random feature is the Alteration feature in which a lesser value symbol is transformed into a higher valued symbol. Another such random feature is the Implosion feature which switches anywhere from 3 to 6 regular symbols into wild symbols, and blows up others around them. And then there’s the Demotion feature which explodes all the lower valued symbols onscreen, so that only the 4 highest paying ones remain for potentially higher paying wins.

Other features include the Incision feature, the Giantoonz feature, Energy Wilds, and the Gargantoon Wilds. In other words, there are a lot!

Final Verdict
Reactoonz is a very amusing game with tonnes of activity taking place across the screen. The alien theme is cute and quirky, the animation is excellent, and the bonus features aplenty.

While it can seem complicated to the uninitiated, it is actually easier than it seems. Plus, the game itself announces onscreen which feature has been triggered, so in a fairly short amount time, it should become far simpler to follow, which in turn increases the entertainment factor.

Released in 2017, Reactoonz is an immersive slot game from Play’n GO, charged with cluster plays, Cascading Reels, Wilds, and five unique bonus features.

  1. Reactoonz has a 7×7 setup, with no paylines. Winning combos are triggered in clusters of five or more identical symbols. Symbols which are a part of a winning combo will disappear after the win is paid, and will be replaced by new symbols falling from above. The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent).
  2. There are eight symbols in Reactoonz, colourful alien blobs. Additionally, players may come across Wilds, in the form of a radiant core, through some of the Quantum bonus features.
  3. Consecutive wins, in one spin, will charge the Quantum Leap meter to unlock bonus features. Each charge level will be randomly assigned one of the four features: Implosion, Demolition, Incision, Alteration. 스포츠중계 These features award Wilds, destroy low-valued symbols and transform other symbols. The meter resets on losing spins.
  4. After all four features have been queued and used, the ultimate Gargantoon will drop onto the reels as a 3×3 Wild, which will divide and move with each cascade. On any initial non-winning spin, the Gargantoon may throw four to eight Wilds onto the 7×7 grid.
  5. The RTP of Reactoonz is 96%.

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