Real Madrid have abandoned their bid for Kylian Mbappe (PSG) due to lack of 28.1 billion won.

On September 9 (ET), Sportsmall cited a report from Cadena Ser as the source of Mbappe’s transfer rumors.

“Real Madrid have ended their interest in signing Mbappe,” Sportsmail reported.

“Even if Mbappe leaves Paris Saint-Germain next summer, Real Madrid will not be chasing him,” it added.

“Mbappe will expect €20 million ($28.1 billion) a year from Real Madrid. The club is not willing to pay that much.”

Sportsmall added: “Mbappe turns 25 next month. Real Madrid has a transfer policy of signing young stars in their teens or early 20s. Mbappe doesn’t fit that bill.”

Marca elaborated.

“Real Madrid have already ruled out signing Mbappe. Even if Mbappe does not extend his contract with PSG and decides to leave the club next summer, they will no longer consider signing him,” Marca reported.

Marca listed three reasons for Real Madrid’s reluctance. 온라인카지노 The first is salary. Mbappe earns €72 million ($101 million) a year. Real Madrid can’t afford to pay Mbappe that kind of money.

The second is age. Mbappe will turn 26 in 2024. Based on Real Madrid’s recent transfer history, that’s a lot of age.

Real Madrid has been signing players in their early 20s for the most part, including Vinicius, Jodriguez, Eduardo Camabinga, and Jude Bellingham. Mbappe isn’t exactly old, but he’s certainly not young either, and that’s what’s complicating things for Real Madrid.

In the meantime,

Real Madrid have been steadfast in their pursuit of Mbappe. Mbappe has a contract with PSG until June 2022.

The transfer rumors have been fueled by his delayed renewal.

Real Madrid were keen to sign Mbappe, offering an astronomical transfer fee. However, PSG relegated Mbappe to the second team and made it clear that they would not bring him back to the first team for the remainder of his contract.

Since the start of the season, Mbappe has been linked to a number of clubs, including Saudi Arabia, Chelsea, and Manchester United. But things took an abrupt turn.

Mbappe returned to first-team training and was soon on the pitch. This season, Mbappe continued to play in a PSG shirt. As a result, Real Madrid found it difficult to sign him again this summer.

In the end, Real Madrid backed out of a deal for Mbappe due to money issues. Of course, Mbappe has been a steady performer for PSG. This season, Mbappe has 12 goals and one assist in 14 games. In Ligue 1, he is the top scorer with 10 goals.

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