The 2024 KBO League is set to make a drastic change. It will introduce an automatic ball determination system (ABS) and pitch clock. KBO umpires are adapting quickly. Recorders who record after watching a referee’s call are also preparing for the new system.

Lee Jong-hoon, chairman of the KBO’s record committee with 34 years of experience, said in a telephone interview with Sports Seoul on Wednesday, “The new season is in full swing. We are also preparing for a record lecture that will be held soon,” adding that recorders are busy these days.

Is there any record that will change due to the introduction of ABS? “ABS records calls based on referees’ calls. As ABS records calls based on referees’ calls as usual, there is no sign or new adjustment,” Lee said. The problem is pitch clock.

“Peach Clock” limits pitching hours for pitchers. Its main content is to install clocks in the stadium to pressurize them visually. In the Major League Baseball (MLB), pitchers had to throw within 15 seconds without runners and 20 seconds without runners.

Batters also have a time limit, and they have to enter the batter’s box within eight seconds. In case of violation, the penalty is automatically given to a batter with one strike. The KBO League has not exactly confirmed the pitch clock time, but it will be confirmed after a trial run in the first half of the 2024 season.

“If a batter exceeds the preparation time after the introduction of the pitch clock, it becomes an automatic strike. We will introduce a new sign accordingly,” Lee said. The sign is carried out by adding a certain mark to the existing strike sign, the “circle.” The ML recording method is not used as a reference. “We will create a symbol unique to the KBO League,” Lee added.

On the contrary, balls are added when a pitcher exceeds time. “With the introduction of the 12-second rule, the 12-second rule naturally disappeared. Therefore, we will use the symbol “V,” which is a violation of the 12-second rule,” Lee said. “The 12-second rule” is a speed-up rule implemented by the KBO League since 2010 to speed up the game, and pitchers were required to throw the ball within 12 seconds when there were no runners. However, with the introduction of the Peach Clock, the 12-second rule naturally falls within this rule.

Chairman Lee said, “Since the pitch clock rule has not yet been finalized, it is difficult to say exactly how to record it,” but vowed, “We will prepare the recording method according to the introduction of the new rule well and play the season.” 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, the record lecture (Sejong), which started accepting applications at 1 p.m. on the same day, also showed off its popularity as all 150 seats were closed in 59 seconds.

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