The intrepid explorer Rich Wild is back in action, dealing with new dark dimensions and ancient gods in Play & Go’s latest slot release, Rich Wild, and The theme of Madness. In this exciting sequel to The theme of Rich Wild and Madness, players follow Rich Wild as he dives deeper into the mysterious world created by H.P. Lovecraft, fighting to keep powerful artifacts out of evil hands.

In Rich Wilde’s latest quest, he confronts Yog-Soth, Cthulhu’s grandfather, to try to secure another necronomic cone and prevent it from falling into malicious hands. This sci-fi/horror-themed grid moves players into the realm of Oldrich existence and otherworldly horror, appealing to fans of previous games and those who enjoy spooky themes.

The gameplay features a 5×5 grid that allows players to create a cluster of winning symbols and unlock a variety of bonus features that enhance their chances of winning and potential rewards. Among the highlights are Chaos Portal Charge Meter and Cursed Ritual Free Spin Round, both of which offer a chance to significantly boost your winnings.

Play’n GO’s extensive library includes numerous popular titles across a variety of themes, and the Rich Wild series stands out as one of the most beloved series in the iGaming world. Known for its engaging gameplay and fascinating themes, the series includes hits like Rich Wild and Aztec idols, Rich Wild and The Dead and the Wandering City and The Theme of Madness, the first grid slot in the series.

Speaking about the launch, George Olekszy, head of game holdings at Play’n GO, said, “These types of games are invaluable to us, and combining grid slot styles with the most beloved IP is a great time for us. We can’t wait for players to try this latest slot and venture into the darkness again with Rich!”

Game Details:

Reels and rows: 5×5 grids
Pay line: Cluster pay
Default RTP: 96.20%
Maximum win: 5,000x
Volatility: Medium (6/10)
Detailed features:

All Seeing Eye: Players can’t get away from the yog source’s many eye gaze, but they can turn it in their favor. During rotation, the Eye Frame can appear on the map on the left side of the grid. If the winning cluster matches the eye frame, two to four wild symbols will appear on the grid, creating a cascading combo and the possibility of increased wins.

Chaos Portal: For each win, Chaos Portal will be charged one fee per symbol. The portal has four fee levels, which are activated with 8, 16, 30, and 48 charges. Each level starts with two to four wilds and unlocks other portal effects with a final fee that gives you symbol removal, a low symbol upgrade, and a free spin with transfer effects. Players can overcharge the portal for seven additional effects, requiring an additional four winning symbols for each effect.

Cursed Rituals: Engaging with mysterious tomas like Necronomicon is dangerous. The map on the left side of the grid can be lit up with red and green eyes at various locations. Players activate their eyes by landing a winning combination at this marked point. Triggering 12 purple eyes and summon Yog-Sothers as 2×2 megawilds in a three-step sequence. Moreover, activating 2, 4, or 6 green eyes will apply x2, x3, or x4 win multipliers to the mega symbols. During this scary recall, all the remaining portal effects will get 4 wilds.

Rich Wilde and the theme of madness promise an immersive experience filled with the thrill of mystery, danger, and adventure. You can expect a rich and engaging gameplay experience while players navigate dark dimensions and confront ancient gods. Play’n GO continues to offer iconic Rich Wilde series, capturing players with all new releases. 안전 슬롯사이트

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