Murad, a 24-year-old Korean Air player, has now more leeway. His face is brighter than when he entered Korea late last month.

Murad is a foreign player who was hired by Korean Air as a substitute for Lincoln. Lincoln suffered back pain following a knee injury. Korean Air first signed an eight-week contract to see if Murad could replace Lincoln. Immediately after joining the team, Murad looked worried, saying, “I feel pressured to show my skills in a short period of time.” However, things quickly changed.

The game against Hyundai Capital on Wednesday served as an opportunity to change Murad’s position. On the day, Murad scored 52 points (72.73 percent attack success rate). This is tying for eighth in men’s V-League scoring the most points in a single game, and when it comes to Korean Air’s team records this season, he ranks first in both games. Coach Tommy Tilikainen, who was initially concerned that Murad “is not a player who perfectly fits our team’s style,” also praised Murad’s efforts to blend into our style for weeks. He got the opportunity.

Murad, who gained confidence, also displayed relaxed performance in the match against Samsung Fire on Wednesday. It was not as good as the previous game, but he still scored 23 points (52.78 percent), the most in his team. After scoring a match point in the third set, he even showed off his signature celebration of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. He revealed that his position and mood in the team have all changed significantly from just three weeks ago. “This is a celebration that I prepared. When I was playing for Serbia and Bulgaria, I used to do this after blocking,” Murad said with a smile.

Murad wants to remain in the V-League. After facing Korea at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games as a national team member of Pakistan, he has also completed a brief overview of the situation in the V-League. “Compared to the volleyball I have played, Korean volleyball seems to be faster. At first, I had a hard time in blocking the opponent team because the toss was fast, but I tried to adjust quickly, and now I am okay,” he said. “I want to stay in Korea more. I will do my best to stay. If I can play more in Korea, I will have to prepare more technically.” 스포츠토토

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