South Korean fighter jets are seen in this undated photo released by the Air Force. Yonhap

The military will stage an air exercise Tuesday aimed at defending against a large-scale aerial attack amid renewed attention to air defense capabilities in the wake of Iran’s massive drone and missile attack on Israel.The drills will be led by the Air Force Operations Command and joined by Army, Navy and Marine Corps units across the country, according to the Air Force.Some 30 aircraft, including F-35A fighters, as well as various air defense assets, including the Patriot and

Cheongung missile defense systems, and the ROKS Sejong the Great destroyer will be deployed to intercept more than 800 simulated targets, it said.The exercise comes as Iran’s April launch of more than 300 drones and missiles toward Israel has spawned concerns about a possible aerial attack by North Korea against South Korea.”We will strengthen the (military’s) readiness in responding to all aerial threats … by analyzing not only the recent trend of the enemy’s provocations but also other recent aerial provocations, including a Hamas-style surprise attack and air attacks between Iran and Israel,” the Air Force 메이저 said.

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