“Jin Sung-hyung, I love you.”

LG Twins’ Choi Won-tae had a big smile on his face, and he ‘trespassed’ into the interview. There was an inevitable story.

LG won 7-6 against KT Wiz at Katie Wiz Park in Suwon on the 18th. Two wins in a row.

In fact, it was a close game until the end. The team scored runs in the early innings and led 7-2 in the top of the eighth inning.

However, in the bottom of the eighth inning, they brought up bullpen Baek Seung-hyun to give KT the will to catch up. They gave up three runs in the eighth inning and were forced to bring in closer Yoo Young-chan early.

The fateful ninth inning. Yoo was shaky. He walked Kim Jun-tae, gave up a hit to the next batter, Park Byung-ho, and gave up an RBI single to Hwang Jae-gyun, leaving the bases loaded and no outs. A one-run deficit, the worst possible situation.

That’s when manager Yoon Kyung-yup made his decision. He pulled Yoo Young-chan and brought in Kim Jin-sung. A miracle happened. Kim saved the bases loaded with no outs. Shin Bong-ki’s infield fly and Chun Sung-ho’s infield grounder preserved the win. It was the first save of the season for Kim Jin-sung, who pitched nine innings in the bullpen.

The victory was a thrill for all LG members, including coach Yoon, but the happiest was Choi Won-tae, who started the game. Choi Won-tae made his first-team debut after shaking off a hip muscle injury. He pitched six innings of two-run ball to secure the win. However, a tie would 토토사이트 have cost him his fifth win of the season, but Kim Jin-sung made a miraculous save, and Choi could only celebrate.

After the match, Kim Jin-sung was interviewing the victorious players when Choi Won-tae ran up to him and gave him a back hug. Even when Kim Jin-sung laughed and said, “I’m interviewing you,” Choi Won-tae said, “I love you, Jin-sung.” Choi Won-tae will be eligible for free agency for the first time in his career after this season. One more win could make all the difference in his price tag.

After the interview, Choi Won-tae packed up his things in the locker room and ran into Kim Jin-sung again. “I love you, Jin Sung-hyung,” Choi shouted again and winked at him. “I remembered Won-tae and Young-chan’s faces, so I blocked them with the intention of striking out three,” Kim said in response.


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