Coach Philippe Blanc (63), who will take the helm of the men’s volleyball Hyundai Capital from the 2024-2025 season, boasts the most splendid reputation among leaders who have visited the V-League.

Hyundai Capital, which had been leading this season under acting manager Jin Soon-ki after breaking up with former coach Choi Tae-woong in December last year, announced on the 7th that it had signed a three-year contract with Blanc.

Coach Blanc, who played as a wing striker and also played for the French national team when he was active, has continued his success as a leader.

After serving as head coach of the French men’s national volleyball team, he moved to head coach of the Polish men’s volleyball team in 2013, and was awarded a medal to help Poland win the 2014 World Championship.

Coach Blanc, who was appointed as the head coach of the Japanese men’s volleyball team in 2017, has been at the helm of the national team since 2022, achieving last year’s third place in Japan’s VNL and advancing to the Paris Olympic finals.

He is a leader who has made solid achievements on the world stage to the extent that Hyundai Capital explained the background of his appointment, saying, “We introduced volleyball tactics tailored to the physical characteristics of Asian players and completely changed the Japanese men’s volleyball team with a bold generational change.”

Coach Blanc, who currently leads the Japanese volleyball team, will officially take over as the head coach of Hyundai Capital in August after the Paris Olympics.

If the topography of V-League coaches does not change next season, the V-League men’s team will have foreigners as managers, nearly half of the seven coaches.

In addition, Blanc is the first French head coach ever and the fourth foreign coach to limit himself to the men’s team.

After a recent slump on the international stage, the club, which is the basis of the national team, is actively accepting foreign leaders at a time when it is criticized as a “frog in a well.”

The first foreign coach in the V League is Mamoru Bandaira (Japan), who led the women’s volleyball Heungkuk Life in the 2010-2011 season.

The club that has continued to cut off for the next 10 years is men’s volleyball Korean Air.

Roberto Santilli (Italy), who took over in the 2020-2021 season, led the team to the top and left the team after a year, and Tommy Tilikainen (Finland) took over the baton the very next season.

Coach Tillikainen also wrote a success story of winning an integrated championship for two consecutive years until last season, and this season he is trying to win the “four consecutive games” for the first time in the V League.

The men’s volleyball OK Financial Group, which signed a contract with manager Ogino Massage (Japan) this season, is also a club that is benefiting from foreign coaches.

Ogino made an unconventional attempt at the beginning of the season to reduce his dependence on foreign players and allow only some players to serve spikes.

Since then, he has flexibly adapted to the V-League and has won all six games in the fourth round, and has now ranked third in the men’s division, giving OK Financial Group hope in spring volleyball for the first time in three years.

Coach Tillikainen and Ogino led the Japanese men’s professional team and came to Korea.

Three outlander coaches, including Blanc, have a common point of contact: “Japanese volleyball,” which beat Korea far away. 바카라사이트

Currently, two foreign directors are also active in the women’s team.

Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Avon terminal of Italy took charge of the team during the last season and is competing with Hyundai Engineering & Construction for the lead this season.

Pepper Savings Bank coach Joe Trinzie (USA), a former volleyball master at a U.S. university, had high expectations, but is struggling to overcome the limitations of his poor performance.

If manager Blanc, who leads Hyundai Capital from next season, writes another success story, the heyday of professional volleyball foreign coaches is expected to continue for the time being.

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