“Special One” Jose Mourinho left the AS Roma training ground crying.

Mourinho was in tears when he was leaving the team’s training camp.

Mourinho is one of the most famous contractors. He led Portugal’s prestigious FC Porto to win the UEFA Champions League. He also led four major European leagues such as Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid to win many trophies.

He also served as the head coach of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League. He was evaluated as a master for a long time at the top of the UEFA Europa League at Manchester United. Mourinho called himself a “special one” and expressed his confidence.

Mourinho, the “winning contractor,” continued his successful managerial career in Rome. He won the UEFA Conference League in his first season, ending Rome’s 14-year no-man march. He won the European Championship trophy for the first time in 61 years.

Last season, the team advanced to the UEFA Europa League final, but missed the title after losing 0-1 to ‘King of Europa’ Sevilla FC. Anthony Taylor’s refereeing decision sparked controversy, and Mourinho even cursed at the referee. It was the moment when the 100% winning rate in the final match against Europe was broken.

Mourinho failed to overcome his third year jinx even in Rome. Since taking the helm of Real Madrid in 2010, Mourinho has failed to survive for more than three years in all different clubs. He has had jinxes as he left his team within three seasons or was replaced. He was also replaced within three years in Rome and failed to break the jinx.

Roma have had unsatisfactory performances under Mourinho this season. Last season, they ranked sixth in the league with 18 wins, 9 draws and 11 losses and 63 points in 38 games, beating Juventus, but they only ranked ninth in Serie A with eight wins, five draws and seven losses and 29 points in 20 games this season.

He got off to a difficult start with one draw and two losses in the first three games of the league. After the seventh round, he rose to seventh place in the league with four wins and one loss, but fell back to the mid-range again with one draw and two losses in the last three games. He was also eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Copa Italy by losing to Lazio.

Eventually, Roma took out a sword. Roma replaced Mourinho in a surprise move. After Mourinho was fired, Roma immediately appointed a new head coach. Roma left De Rossi, a legendary former club player, to lead the team for six months.

Mourinho left many soccer fans heartbroken as he left the team. England’s The Sun posted a picture of Mourinho crying as he left the Rome training ground. “Mourinho was in tears as he left the Rome training ground after being brutally fired,” The Sun said.

Mourinho expressed his affection for Rome through his Instagram. He posted a video clip from his photos from Rome with the words “Sweat, blood, tears, joy, sadness, love, brother, history, heart, and eternity.”

Fans also showed their support for Mourinho. One Roma fan commented, “Thank you for your achievement. You enlightened the city, and we won’t forget you. I hope to see each other again someday.” 토토사이트 순위

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