T1’s Keria, who won the ‘2023 LoL World Championship,’ shared how he prepared to relax before his matches.

On the 19th, Keria (real name Ryu Min-seok) hosted a live broadcast on Africa TV after winning the ‘2023 LoL World Championship‘ (Rold Cup).

On this day, Keria chose SEVENTEEN’s “God of Instrumental Music” as one of his broadcast BGMs. “God of Light Music” is a song that was featured in SEVENTEEN’s own content and is a witty song arranged as a trot.

“Seventeen’s ‘God of Light Music’ shorts content popped up in the algorithm,” says Keria. I thought it was funny, but a few days later, the full version appeared on the algorithm. I got addicted and kept watching.”

“For a week, I kept repeating this to myself,” he said, humming the lyrics to the song, “My elementary school name is Park Ji-ye, and when I get angry, I slam my face into the wall, kung chi pak chi kung chi pak chi.”

He continued, “I played it during the game against Busan Jingdong, and it was funny because I kept thinking about it. I’m addicted,” and “I was nervous today, so I played this. I listened to it three times. On the bus,” and revealed that he relaxed while listening to ‘God of Light Music’.

While Keria, who usually loves K-pop such as Newzine, made a lot of headlines for mentioning SEVENTEEN, the members of SEVENTEEN also congratulated T1 for winning the Rold Cup.

“T1 is the best,” Escoops said on SEVENTEEN’s official Weavers, “I’m not a fan of anyone, but their performance was just crazy.”

Won-woo, who had previously revealed his fandom for T1’s Faker several times, said on Instagram, “Congratulations, T1’s best.” 파워볼사이트

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