It is not difficult to identify the best striker in soccer. A number of goals-related records and statistics can easily tell who is the best striker.

On the other hand, there are many interpretations and reactions to the question of who is the best defender. This is because defense is basically related to team organization. In addition to individual capabilities, defense is evaluated in the overall organizational power of the team. Still, if you want to find out who is the best defender, there are several indicators to confirm this in modern soccer.

Squaka, a sports statistics media outlet, created a “Squaka Score” by combining various defensive indicators on the 3rd and selected the best center back in the English Premier League as of 2024.

Squawka created the “Squawka Score” by scoring percentage points through 30 metrics that reveal a defender’s qualifications, including ball contest rate, interception, tackle, kick-off, accuracy of long ball and pass accuracy. This was finally statistized by comparing it with the average number of defenders in the last three seasons in the big five leagues in Europe. No. 1 ranking was as expected. In the evaluation of centerbacks who played for more than 1,350 minutes in the Premier League this season, Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool’s wall of wailing.

Van Dijk confidently ranked No. 1 with a score of 71 percent. Van Dijk, leading Liverpool’s leading competition, was once considered aging, but he completely regained his form this season and silently supported Liverpool to become the leader.

Tottenham’s two center backs Christian Romero 69% and Mickey Van der Pen 66% ranked second and tied for fourth, respectively. Romero, whose strong defense is strong, and Van der Pen, which boasts speed and competition for aerial ball, are listed in the top five. However, Tottenham, despite having two powerful center backs, has allowed 44 goals in 30 league games, ranking seventh in minimum number of goals. 토토사이트

In third place was Brighton’s Dutch center back Van Hecker, who scored 68 percent of the time. Along with Van Hecker, center back Gabriel Magalangis 66 percent, who led Arsenal’s record number of goals scored 24 goals in the league, tied for fourth place.

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