Tottenham’s “21-year-old holy man” Destiny Udoji has been praised as the best left fullback in the English Premier League (EPL).

Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonraher said on “Talk Sports” on Wednesday, “Udoji is the best left-back in the league. He is good at handling balls. He is also strong and aggressive,” adding, “He has everything as a left-back that he can’t believe.”

Tottenham acquired Udoji last summer under Antonio Conte. The transfer fee was 21 million pounds (about 35 billion won).

Udoji was immediately re – loaned to Serie A Udinese immediately upon his transfer. He grew rapidly last season. He scored three goals and four assists in 33 matches in Serie A, and was recognized as the best left fullback in Serie A.

Udoji, who finished warming up, joined the EPL this season. Udoji’s new coach Enze Postecoglou has maximized his potential.

It was an optimized resource for Postecoglou’s attacking football. He is acting as a lubricant for the team with his overflowing energy.

Udoji, who played in 15 matches, has had one goal and two assists. Udoji’s debut goal was directed by Son Heung-min. Son gave assist after teasing his best friend Kieran Trippier in the match against Newcastle on Wednesday.

Tottenham also recognizes its value. Udoji hastily renewed his contract with Tottenham on Wednesday. The contract period was extended by three years from 2027 to June 2030.

Udoji’s annual salary has also increased significantly. Udoji is said to receive an annual salary of 2 million euros under the new contract.

Spurs made the Italian national team in October thanks to Tottenham’s success, and played two A-match games. Agbonraher’s accolades are not the only ones. The U.K.’s “Express” also reported that Udoji’s rapid growth is rapidly building a reputation as one of the most interesting young left-backs in European soccer.

However, there is something to be complemented. It is “card management.” Udoji was sent off last month due to two warnings in the game against Chelsea. Udoji will be absent due to accumulation of warnings in the game against Everton on Monday. 스포츠토토

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