“I love you, my love, my Suwon,” “I only love you.”
The stage may have changed, but the hearts and voices of Suwon Samsung fans in professional soccer have not.

Suwon has one of the most passionate fan bases in the league. However, the team finished 12th in the K League 1 last season, suffering its first ever relegation. Despite some reorganization of the squad and front office, the team’s head coach, Yeom Ki-hoon, who led the team to the relegation, 카지노사이트 was given a cold shoulder by the fans.

However, even in the K-League 2, Suwon fans have not changed their minds. The first round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 against Chungnam Asan FC on March 3 drew an official crowd of 14,196 fans. This was the largest crowd for a single K League 2 match in history, and the largest for a K League 2 opening match.

Suwon’s cheer “My Love My Suwon” still filled the Big Bird. “It was not easy to give instructions to the players because of the fans’ voices,” said Chungnam Asan head coach Kim Hyun-seok. With the support of their fans, Suwon won 2-1, led by Mulicic’s multi-goal performance.

Suwon still has a long way to go. Coach Yi Ki-hoon admitted that the team was not even at 50 percent of its strength on the day, and after the game, Suwon’s new head coach, Park Kyung-hoon, and the newly reorganized strength and conditioning room reportedly conducted their own analysis of the disappointing first game.

Meanwhile, Suwon supporters had previously announced that they would not be performing the victory ceremony ‘Manse Samchang’ through the club. The message was that the fans want to win the K League 1, not the K League 2.

The players agreed. “It’s the fans’ rightful choice,” said captain goalkeeper Yang Hyung-mo in the Mix Zone after the game. We will continue to win and make them want to do it again,” said captain goalkeeper Yang Hyung-mo. Vice captain Lee Jong-sung said, “We haven’t even shown half of what we have in store. We will explode on the field,” added vice captain Lee Jong-sung.

“We want to turn the fans’ concerns into expectations,” said head coach Yeom Ki-hoon ahead of the match against Chungnam Asan. Suwon has crossed the first gateway of the 36-game series with difficulty. The fans’ love hasn’t changed, and it’s time for the Suwon squad to respond.

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