SSG Landers manager Kim Won-hyung and NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-hyun answer reporters’ questions before and after the game, but when the topic of Kirk McCarty (SSG) and Eric Peddie (NC) comes up, they look puzzled. Unlike other questions, he can’t answer them straightforwardly. Only the players, managers, and trainers know how far they’ve recovered from their injuries and when they’ll be able to play.

The availability of Peddy, a three-time World Series pitcher who was diagnosed with a bruised right forearm after being hit by a pitch, and McCarty, a nine-win pitcher who hasn’t thrown in more than a month due to side pain, is one of the biggest concerns for Junpo. Manager Kang Myung-hyun initially considered Pedi, who is recovering from being hit in the forearm by a straight hit from KIA Tigers’ Ko Jong-wook on April 16, as a possible starter for Game 2 or Game 3.

Just before the second game of the semifinals on the 23rd, Kang said he could no longer delay Pedi’s appearance and announced him as the starter for the third game of the semifinals on the 25th, only to reverse the decision after the game. After training that day, Pedi felt discomfort in his forearm and went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with impingement syndrome, making it difficult for him to pitch in the third game of the Semifinals, Kang said. Pedi is expected to start the fourth game of the semifinals at the earliest.

NC, which won two games on the road with domestic pitchers Shin Min-hyuk and Song Myung-ki without Pedi, needs to make a playoff decision as soon as possible in the third round of the semifinals at home to properly face KT Wiz without losing much stamina.

However, the delay of Pedi’s appearance has caused problems in the subsequent strategy and operation of the starting rotation.It is not bad to pass the semi-postseason without Pedi, but it is difficult to predict that Pedi will pitch as powerfully in the playoffs as in the regular season, considering the interval between appearances and the sense of practice.

McCarty’s fall baseball job is as a one-inning bullpen arm. He hasn’t thrown many pitches due to his illness, so he’s not likely to start .McCarty waited in the bullpen in Games 1 and 2 of the semifinals. In Game 1, starting pitcher Roenis Elias pitched so well, and in Game 2, right-hander Seung-won Moon, who came out of the bullpen, pitched so well that McCarty had no chance to pitch.

“McCarty will be waiting in the third game of the semifinals,” SSG manager Kim Won-hyung said encouragingly. Given that the NC lineup is dominated by left-handed hitters, SSG will have to go all-out in Game 3 to avoid losing the initiative.

Depending on the game and the series as a whole, McCarty and Pedi could take turns on the mound, or they could be the only “invisibles” on the roster. If NC takes an early lead in Game 3 of the Semifinals and closes out the series, there’s a good chance 온라인카지노 we won’t see McCarty or Peddy pitch in the Semifinals.

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