“Everyone deserved to lose except OO.”

AS Roma head coach Jose Mourinho criticized his entire squad, with the exception of one player, after their 0-2 loss to Slavia Prague in the fourth leg of their Europa League Group G match on Tuesday (ET).

The loss was Mourinho’s first in the Europa League this season, and he said, “All the players deserved to lose, except for Eduardo Bove.” Mourinho made a surprise mercenary move that day by starting Bové, a 2002 graduate of Roma’s youth system who made his first-team debut two years ago, in the starting midfield.

“We lacked everything,”

Mourinho said after the game when asked about the loss to Slavia Prague. “I don’t want to say too much. It was also my decision that the players didn’t talk to the media.

Bellotti gave an interview it was right after the game and nobody should talk to the media because there is nothing more to say except what I have to say,” he said. “Slavia Prague deserved to take the result in a positive sense, and we deserved to take it in a negative sense,” he admitted.

“I didn’t like anything.

I already talked to the players in the locker room. 카지노사이트 Normally when I’m on the sideline, I don’t talk much because of the adrenaline rush, but when I’m up there watching the game from afar, there’s a different kind of calmness, and I was able to talk to them,”

he said. “What we talked about is a secret. I just want to be honest and say that the Slavs deserved to win 2-0,” he said. “Nothing went right. In the first match against Slavia, they played very similar to today’s match and we prepared a similar gameplan. We could use the fact that Nikola Zalewski was unavailable and El Shaarawy played as a wing-back with Bellotti on the left as an excuse, but I don’t want to make excuses because we were so bad,” he added.

“Nothing went right. Very few players had the professional attitude that I personally demand. A lot of players had the wrong attitude in this important game with a goal to achieve,”

“I’m disappointed, I’ve already done my analysis of the players and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Asked if he expected a difficult game, Mourinho said yes. “That’s why we tried our best with all the players available, except for Paulo Dybala and N’Golo Kante,” he said. “But the best player in our team today, the only player who gave everything, technically, tactically, mentally, was a 20-year-old who wasn’t even in the first team two years ago,” he said, praising one player’s performance.

“There was only one player on the team whose legs, body and mind worked together. When you have 11 players on the field and only one like that, you can’t win.” “The only player who didn’t deserve to lose was Eduardo Bove. Everyone else, including me, deserved to lose,” he said.

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