The pitcher’s sacrifice and determination are increasingly crucial, as they can achieve a miracle in the last minute.

They can’t clinch a fifth-place finish on their own. In sixth place with 70 wins, 2 losses, and 68 points after 140 games, KIA is two games behind Doosan (71 wins, 2 losses, and 65 points), which has played two fewer games. If Kia wins all of its remaining games and Doosan wins less than 5% of its remaining games, the way is open for a fifth-place playoff or a Kia upset. However, if Doosan finishes the rest of the schedule with a winning percentage of more than 5 percent, KIA’s chances of making it to the fall baseball season will be dashed. While the math is there for KIA to make it to the Fall League, the sobering reality is that they will have to rely on “luck” given their remaining schedule.

KIA will play the remaining four games in a doubleheader. They plan to take both Lotte (home) and Doosan (away) on December 12-13, and put everything on the line against the NC in Gwangju on December 16-17. To that end, 카지노사이트킴 the team has made some changes to its starting rotation. With Na Sung-beom (34), Choi Hyung-woo (40), Park Chan-ho (28), and Choi Won-joon (26) out for the season, a weakened batting lineup, and a depleted mound, it’s not easy to win a series, but KIA is putting everything on the line.

On the 11th, Yang Hyun-jong pitched eight innings of six-hit ball against the Gwangju Kiwoom, giving up no runs on four hits and striking out six to earn his eighth win of the season. Yang’s total pitch count that day was 97. Considering the pitcher’s delivery, fastball, and pitch count, he was in a position to throw a complete game. However, Yang chose to pitch until the eighth inning.

“I’ve played a lot of games in my professional career. I think I’ll get that chance. “I didn’t think I’d get many chances like this, and I thought I’d be greedy, but the coach gave me the assignment because the next game might be more important. “Today’s game is important, but I think the last game will be the most important, so I followed his advice.

Yang Hyun-jong said, “Our team is playing every game like it’s the postseason. We are determined to ‘win unconditionally’ and ‘do our best’ because we can only win if we win.” “The batters scored runs early on, so I was able to pitch comfortably,” he reflected.

With his performance, Yang became the first pitcher in the KBO to reach 160 innings in nine consecutive years. If Yang Hyun-jong, who has pitched 164 innings this season until the Kiwoom game, pitches six innings in his next start against the Gwangju NC on Sunday, he will set the record for the first time in the KBO to reach 170 innings in nine consecutive years.

“It’s definitely something I need to do,” Yang said. “It’s my promise to myself to pitch long innings without getting sick. I always set a target number at the beginning of the season, and I always want to help the team a little bit with a lot of innings,” Yang said. “If I do my best with the guys, I think I’ll get my last chance. I will forget about today’s game and prepare for my next outing.”

KIA has recently been hanging the jerseys of injured players at every game. The jerseys are meant to signify “staying together until the end. “At every home game, (I) Sung-bum and (Park) Chan-ho are with me,” said Yang Hyun-jong. (Choi) Woo-hyung also gives a lot of encouraging words to the younger players on the field.” “All the players who are playing think it’s too early to give up now. They are hoping for a miracle. I think it would be a miracle if we had a chance at the end. If there’s even the slightest chance, we have to do our best.”

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