Son Heung-min will become a legend of Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham intends to protect Son Heung-min even if it breaks the existing club’s practice of not being bound by players over 30 years old.

“New contract negotiations are still underway between Tottenham and star player Son Heung-min.”

“Tottenham has not offered huge, long-term contracts to players over the age of 30 in the club’s history. However, Tottenham will break that practice and offer Son a new contract,” he said. “He is a young Tottenham leader and the face of the club, and his offense is still at its peak. There are no signs of abating. These are reasons why Tottenham has no qualms in pushing for a large-scale contract that includes a significant pay raise for Son.”

“His contract expires on June 30, 2025. He has expressed his will to stay with Tottenham even though it is less than 18 months away,” The Boycott said. Son also wants to stay.

Tottenham is poised to break the existing practice of preparing to say goodbye to players in their 30s in order to secure Son. While this is quite unconventional, Chairman Daniel Levy, who was often called a salty kind of man, also made a more unconventional decision to renew his contract with Son.

Team Talk of the U.K. said on Monday, “A true superstar is discussing a contract with Tottenham as Levi makes a risky decision.” The true superstar mentioned by the media is Tottenham captain Son Heung-min.

“The future of Tottenham captain Son Heung-min is becoming clear. With Saudi Arabia’s interest fluctuating, the latest information about his future at Tottenham has been released,” the media said. “Levi has made the decision. Son will go down as the best player in Tottenham’s history.”

Tottenham is so different from usual because Son Heung-min is a living legend who is on the path of a club legend in name and reality.

Son has emerged as a world-class player for Tottenham over the past few seasons. Having grown up in Hamburg, Germany, before joining Tottenham in 2015 after playing for Bayer Leverkusen, Son has been a key striker, scoring double digits every season except the first.

In the 2021-2022 season, Son was the first top scorer in the league. In 35 games alone, he scored 23 goals without a penalty, tying with Mohamed Salah as the top scorer. Son was the first Asian player to be crowned top scorer in the Premier League.

Despite his lackluster performance last season, Son, who scored 10 goals last season, has established himself as a full-fledged catcher this season. Since leaving for Bayern Munich, Germany, his teammate Harry Kane has been in charge of most of the team’s goalscoring. He has recorded the most goals scored by his team with 13 goals and six assists in 23 league matches, while displaying his selfless play.

Saudi Arabia plans to increase the value of the league by recruiting Son Heung-min. It plans to recruit Salah and De Bruyne, who represent the Premier League, including Son. Recently, it is known that it is luring Modric, who is somewhat older but has shown constant class, with oil money.

Team Talk also said, “Son’s contract will expire in the summer of 2025. We have only one year left after the end of this season,” adding, “The fear for Son’s future is that this deadly striker is receiving love calls from Saudi Arabia. Other than Son, Casemiro, Kevin De Bruyne, and Mohamed Salah are receiving love calls from Saudi Arabia.”

However, Tottenham does not intend to hand over Son. Reportedly, they started negotiations with Son several weeks ago.

“Tottenham has begun discussions on a new contract with Son Heung-min. It will be concluded in the summer,” said English Football Insider exclusively, effectively forcing Tottenham to bury its bones.

“Tottenham has the option to let Son stay for one more year, but miraculously, his contract with Tottenham expires in the summer of 2025. It is understood that the two sides are currently in the process of initial negotiations. A new agreement is expected to be reached at the end of the season,” he said, adding weight to the possibility of Son staying.

“Both Son and Tottenham are focusing on the final race of this season. Tottenham, led by Ange Postecoglou, is competing to advance to the UEFA Champions League next season,” he said, adding that he is focusing first on the remaining schedule.

U.K.’s 90 min also urged Son to renew his contract, saying, “His contract runs until 2025. We need to sign a new contract,” adding, “It is more likely to sell a club mascot than to sell it.”

Give Me Sports of the U.K. also reported that Tottenham and Son are in talks to renew their contracts, adding that Son’s contract will expire next summer. Both sides are discussing a new contract, adding that negotiations are underway to renew his contract.

When rumors surfaced last summer that Son was moving to Saudi RITHAD, Son said, “I’m not ready to go there yet. The Premier League is better, and there is more work to be done here. KiSung-yong once said that,” referring to the remarkable saying, “The captain of the Korean national soccer team does not go to China.”

It meant that leaving Europe looking for money was an undesirable behavior for the captain of the Korean national soccer team, although only the country was different.

“Money is not important to me. It is more important to take pride in soccer and play in the league that I like,” Son said. “We still have a lot of work to do in the Premier League. Tottenham fans will like it,” he said, nailed that he would never transfer to Saudi Arabia.

At the time, global sports media ESPN reported, “Son Heung-min was offered a four-year contract by the Saudi Arabian League’s RITHAD, which includes an annual salary of 30 million euros about 42 billion won every season.”

“Saudi Arabia is predicting that Son Heung-min will be able to join RTHad,” he said, adding, “AlTHad has even prepared an additional bonus of 60 million euros about 84.1 billion won for Son’s recruitment.”

Son Heung-min, who didn’t even look back on Saudi Arabia’s huge salary offer, shouted to stay in the Premier League.

The news of Tottenham’s renewal of contract with Son Heung-min was reported once in December last year.

When he scored his 10th goal of this season against Newcastle, Tottenham was considering renewing his contract with Son as its top priority. “He wants to leave the rest of his career to Tottenham. Tottenham is also preparing to offer Son a huge contract. The 31-year-old was impressed by Enzi Postecoglou’s influence and wants to play a key role in the team,” the football insider said at the time.

“Tottenham will have Son stay with the team until June 2026 by invoking the option of one-year extension. After that, we can start negotiations with Son for a new long-term contract.”

“Tottenham is considered unconditionally eligible for renewal along with Papé Matar Sarr. Tottenham has one and a half years left expired in June 2025 but has the option to extend the contract for another year,” Football London said. “We will not repeat the case of sending Harry Kane away this year. Son Heung-min also wants to stay with Tottenham.”

Against this backdrop, Sky Sports’ Michael Bridge recently said, “Negotiations are underway. To be honest, Son is a very outstanding player on the field. He is an excellent promotional player, a world-class player, and a key player for Tottenham,” adding, “He has shown great performance as captain since succeeding Harry Kane.” Son is outstanding both on and off the field.

“He recently returned from the Asian Cup. Personally, he was very disappointed about the Asian Cup. I don’t think Son has the highest level of relationship with Jurgen Klinsmann. Perhaps this is why it took a while for Son to return,” he said. “He is drawing a lot of attention from Saudi Arabia, but he will be with Tottenham manager Anji Postecoglou. We will be able to sign a better contract by utilizing Saudi offer,” he said, expecting Son to play for Tottenham on better terms than now instead of rejecting Saudi offer.

However, there were also concerns that discussions are still underway even though it has already been three weeks since the negotiations began. Team Talk explained, “It is positive that both sides are still sitting at the negotiation table, but it is worrisome that negotiations have not progressed yet.”

However, there is no need to worry as Chairman Chetdol-Levi decided to renew Son Heung-min’s contract.

According to the media, Tottenham have been extremely reluctant to lose their world-class striker since Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, and Levy is reportedly ready to reject all Saudi offers this summer.

“When he moved from Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 with a transfer fee of just 22 million pounds about 37.2 billion won, no one would have expected Son Heung-min to be tied for sixth in the club’s all-time scoring list with 159 goals,” the media said. “The 31-year-old Son Heung-min will be recorded as Tottenham’s best player ever after his career in North London.”

If Son successfully renews his contract with Tottenham as reported by local media, he will likely remain the club’s legendary figure. Son has 159 goals and 88 assists in 398 games alone. He ranks fifth in the club’s overall goal tally, and the record of assists is the highest in a team’s history since the launch of the Premier League. He has six more than 82 assists from Christian Eriksen, who is ranking second.

Son is also challenging to achieve the milestone, which only has four players in history. He aims to become the top scorer and assist player at the same time this season. Both the score ranking and the assist ranking are now within reach.

Son, who has scored 14 goals, is tied for fourth in the goal rankings along with Jared Boone West Ham and Dominic Solanke Bonmouth after Erling Holan Manchester City, 18 goals, Ollie Watkins Villa, 16 goals, and Mohamed Salah Liverpool, 15 goals. The gap with Holan is quite wide, but Son, who is good at driving away, can catch up.

He also ranked at the top of the list in terms of assistants. Son, who has eight assists, tied for sixth with Julian Alvarez of Manchester City, Leon Bailey of Villa, and Bukayo Saka of Arsenal. He is only two shy of No. 1 ranking Pascal Gross of Brighton, Kieran Trippier of Newcastle, and Watkins of Villa. Pedro Netu of Wolverhampton and Salah, who have only one difference, are capable of playing games each other.

Only four players won the top scorer and top assist prize at the same time in the history of the Premier League. Andy Cole, a former Newcastle player in the 1993-94 season, scored 34 goals and 13 assists. Then, Jimmy Floyd Haselweinck scored 18 goals and 13 assists for Leeds United in the 1998-99 season, winning both the top scorer and the top assist prize.

The third is Tottenham legend Harry Kane. He scored 23 goals and 14 assists in the 2020-21 season, ranking first in both scoring and helping. And in the 2021-22 season, Mohamed Salah scored 23 goals and 13 assists, making him the last co-leader of the tournament.

Son Heung-min is challenging this record, which has only four players in the history of the Premier League. He will challenge this record two seasons after Salah.

Positive reviews are continuing for Son. His teammates also admired Son’s leadership. “He is someone that almost every player follows. He has a great desire to win,” vice-captain Christian Romero said of Son. “I can confirm that the team is enjoying the fact that he has become captain.”

“The 26 to 27 players and coaching staff are really happy that he is the captain and we are definitely following him,” he said.

Brennan Johnson, who joined this season, said, “I don’t think anyone has seen my best yet. I had to take some time to adjust. I am constantly striving at the training ground. I know that is where I can become better.” “Son Heung-min was an amazing person. He plays in a similar position, so I understand his pressure. He talked to me when I was in trouble, listened to me well, and helped me keep going,” he told a warm anecdote with Son.

Johnson also said, “He just wants me to be the best. I was so happy when I scored the goal. Son is a world-class player. I don’t need to say how good a player he is,” adding, “He has shown that for Tottenham over the past decade. Everyone knows that he is a good player who plays with both feet.”

“In that situation, I don’t think there are many players in the world who pass with their left foot and give me a chance to score freely. The situation itself speaks volumes. Son has shown his qualifications. He didn’t play much in the game and didn’t have many chances to get the ball, but he created opportunities for me in that situation,” Son said in expressing his gratitude.

Promising striker Jamie Donley said in an interview with Football London after the Flatwood Town match that Son’s advice was a great help. “He is an incredible player. He is always smiling and helping me a lot. He is helpful to me during training and tells me what he thinks. He is a very good person to me,” he said in complimenting Son.

“Son Heung-min asked me to play more calmly and calmly in front of the goalpost, and advised me to make additional touches if necessary depending on the situation. It’s simple, but those tips are definitely helpful to me,” he said, adding that Son’s advice to stay calm at the gate helped him.

After the end of the first half of the season, the Premier League released the best 11 list of the first half of the 2023-24 season on its official website, calling it “the team of the year led by Alan Shearer.”

At the halfway point of the season, England legend striker and Premier League all-time top scorer Alan Shearer selected the Premier League’s best 11 in the first half based on his first half performance.

In this year’s team, which consists of 4-2-4 typical players, a number of players who are active as key members of the club were listed during the first half. At that time, Tottenham captain Son Heung-min was proudly included as one of the four strikers.

At the time, Shearer praised Son’s decision-making power, saying, “Son Heung-min has a special talent,” adding, “There is no doubt that if he catches the ball in front of the net, he will score a goal.”

“He is the best player in Asia in the history of the Premier League. He has been a legend for a long time,” global soccer media outlet Goalcom said. “He has consistently scored more than 10 Premier League goals as the best player in Asia except for the first season.”

“Last season was better than expected, but this season was different. When Harry Kane was out on the way for Stecoglou, Son switched to the No. 9 role. Since then, he has regained his best performance,” he said. “He is aiming for his second golden boot top scorer. Tottenham still has a chance to win the Premier League title.”

“Son Heung-min is an unrivalled player in finishing,” he said. “He is especially strong in big matches, and he is still the best player. Born in 1992, he is relatively old, but he is still an irreplaceable striker for Tottenham.”

If you look at the record already, it is one of Tottenham’s legends. Tottenham is also risking breaking the practice of not signing players over 30 for Son Heung-min. Locally, they also expect that Son Heung-min will become the greatest legend in Tottenham’s history if he signs this contract.. 스포츠토토

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