The Betting and Gaming Commission welcomed the government’s decision to reopen betting shops in Tier 3 areas with strict restrictions.

Boris Johnson confirmed the move by announcing details on how the UK will emerge from its national lockdown from December 3.

BGC CEO Michael Duggar also vowed to keep fighting for the casino’s reopening, which they were told should be closed on the third floor.

Currently, betting shops are the only part of non-essential High Street retail stores that must close in Tier 3 areas.

Under the new agreement, businesses can remain open with some restrictions in place, including restrictions on customers, removal of chairs and bans on live sports.

These are on top of anti-COVID measures already put in place by betting shops, including hand sanitiser, perspex screens, tracking and tracking systems, and strict social distancing.

Michael Duter said: “This is great news for customers in large communities in the UK and for the thousands of people employed in street betting shops. In particular, we know how hard DCMS has fought for their field and ministers deserve our sincere appreciation.

“In addition to the strict anti-COVID measures already adhered to by betting shops, members have agreed to further restrictions to limit the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission on premises.

“We now look forward to the UK coming out of lockdown next week, and we look forward to betting shops contributing back to the finance minister and playing their part in helping the UK recover its economy.”

He added: “It is also good that a limited number of spectators will be allowed to watch live sports again on the first and second floors. This reasonable action is taken at the right time, as spectator bans have been fatal for sports such as horse racing and football.”

However, Mr. Duggar expressed disappointment that casinos would have to close in the third-floor area.

He said: “Casinos are the best in the hospitality sector when it comes to COVID-19 measures. There is no evidence that they contribute to the spread of the virus.

“So it’s very disappointing that we’re still under lockdown orders in Tier 3 areas.

“While we welcome the decision to extend the hospitality curfew by an hour to 11pm, we will continue to insist that casinos are uniquely exposed to any curfew and will press casinos to fully and safely reopen in all regions of the country.”

The BGC chief also backed the government’s move to allow a limited number of spectators to watch live sports in Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas.

He said, “It’s great that some spectators will be allowed to watch live sports again in Tier 1 and 2. There have been huge bans on sports like horse racing and football, so this reasonable step was made at the right time.” 안전 슬롯사이트

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