Dong-gu, Ulsan, announced on Nov. 18 that the Dolphin Weightlifting Team, affiliated with Dong-gu Office, won 13 gold medals at the 2023 Autumn National Para Weightlifting Championships .The weightlifting team, consisting of head coach Hwang Hee-dong and athletes Lim Kwon-il, Kang Kang-ho, Kim Hyung-rak, Kim Hyun-sook, and Jeong Bong-joong, won 13 gold medals and one silver medal at the competition held at Seongju Byeolgoryeol Gymnasium in Seongju-gun, Gyeongbuk Province, from Dec. 12 to 16.Kim Hyung-rak and Kang Kang-ho also broke their own Korean records set at the National Para Weightlifting Championships in July. “I am proud that the athletes were rewarded for their hard work during the hot summer training,” said Hwang Hee-dong, head coach of the Dolphin Weightlifting Team. “We will do our best to coach them to 토토사이트 perform well at the National Para Sports Games in November.”

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