“We want to play more aggressively.”

On the 11th, the KBO announced, “We held the first board meeting in 2024 and finalized the application of ABS (Automatic Pitch Judgment System) for this season, and confirmed the sequential introduction and application timing considering the importance and urgency of major systems such as pitch clock and base size expansion. We have also revised the rules regarding multi-year contracts for non-free agents.”

Of note is the introduction of ABS. The world’s first robotic umpire has been finalized to be introduced to first-team games, while the pitch clock operation, which is being introduced to speed up the game, will be applied to the Futures League from the first half of the season, and the KBO League will decide whether to apply it to the second half of the season after a trial run in the first half.

ABS is a pitch tracking program that calls strikes and balls. 안전놀이터 It is a system in which the umpire calls out the call after receiving the call in real time through an earpiece.

The KBO has been operating the ABS system in the Futures League for four years, starting in 2020, to prepare for its introduction to the first team. The challenge was to shorten the time for the results to be transmitted to the umpires, but it was overcome.

As teams prepare for the season, they need to be well prepared.

The KBO wants to reduce complaints about strike and ball calls as much as possible, so it’s up to the pitchers. The system has been upgraded to ensure that the calls are precise and consistent. All they need to do is throw their pitches.

“The coach also said, ‘I want the players to actively compete,’ so I emphasized this to the players from the final training session last year,” Cho Woong-cheon, the new pitching coach at Lee Seung-yeop, told OSEN. “I want them to be confident in their pitches and actively throw them.

“You have to be able to throw your own pitches before you can think about the automatic pitch judgment system,” Cho said, adding, “Pitchers who can throw curveballs should perfect them a little more.”

I mention curveballs because I’ve seen a lot of curveballs with a big drop that were expected to be called strikes. We’ll have to wait and see, but the idea is that pitchers with pitches that drop like curves may have an advantage. When the catcher catches it, it’s still a ball, but it’s crossed the strike zone.

In addition to the introduction of ABS, 파워볼실시간 the 2024 season will also see an increase in base sizes and a limit on defensive shifts. The idea is to encourage more aggressive play and strengthen the defense. That’s a lot of changes. It’s a new year and we’re almost halfway through January. Spring training for the 2024 season is just around the corner. It”ll be interesting to see how the players prepare for the new season.

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