German soccer, Tank Corps, will play on the 2030 and 2034 World Cups wearing Nike uniforms, Adidas’ rival and American brand, instead of its own brand Adidas.

The German Football Association DFB announced on its official website on Tuesday that it will form an eight-year partnership with Nike from 2027. DFB has continued its partnership with Adidas for about 70 years.

We are looking forward to cooperation with Nike, DFB Chairman Bernd Neuendorf said. We will continue to perform our core tasks for the overall development of German football. He added, By December 2026, German football will do its best to cooperate with its long-time partner Adidas, who has been in a lot of debt for more than 70 years.

DFB is separating from Adidas because of money problems. DFB has reportedly agreed to receive 100 million euros 145.5 billion dollars a year from Nike, which is twice the amount of Adidas’ support.

The German political community has been lashing out at the DFB’s decision. Economy Minister Robert Habeck said he had to show patriotism, adding that he could not imagine a uniform for the German national team without three stripes. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach criticized the decision as wrong and a commercial choice that would collapse tradition and soul.

We can understand the strong response to the huge incident, DFB said in response to the response. As we support more than 24,000 soccer clubs, 2.2 million active players, and 55,000 referees, we have to make a decision in consideration of financial conditions. Nike offered the best offer.

Meanwhile, Germany will have an away warm-up match against France on Monday. France is wearing a Nike uniform 안전놀이터

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