After finishing fourth at her last two Asian Games, Kim Soo-hyun (28, Busan City Sports Association) finally won a medal in her third Games.

Kim finished third in the women’s 76-kilogram weightlifting group A competition at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Friday at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, with a lift of 105 kilograms, a snatch of 138 kilograms and a total of 243 kilograms.

It was a dramatic bronze medal won by 1 kilogram after a video review.

Kim Soo-hyun, who missed the podium at Incheon 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang 2018 in the 69-kilogram category, finishing fourth both times, made it to the podium in Hangzhou.

North Korea’s Song Kuk-hyang (22) and Chung Chun-hee (25) took first and second place in their respective weight classes.

Song won with a total of 267 kilograms, including 117 kilograms in the lift and 150 kilograms in the snatch, while Chung finished second with a total of 266 kilograms (117 kilograms in the lift and 149 kilograms in the snatch).

This is the second time in weightlifting at the Asian Games that the national flag and the artificial flag have been raised simultaneously at the awards ceremony, following the men’s 67kg category (South Korea’s Lee Sang-yeon, third, and North Korea’s Lee Won-jun, second).

Karate representative Pee Jae-yoon (21-Korea Karate Federation), who failed to win a medal earlier in the day, came to the weight room to cheer on his “sweetheart” Kim Soo-hyun.

As he stood on the platform to shouts of “Kim Soo-hyun, fighting,” Kim lightly lifted 105 kilograms in the first round of the competition.

However, he missed the barbell in the second and third rounds, when he requested 109 kilograms. When he failed the third repetition, he banged his fist on the platform in frustration.

Pee Jae-yoon encouraged him, saying, “It’s okay.”

Kim picked himself up and went on to compete in the Yongsang.

The battle for the top spot on the uneven bars also changed.

Liao Guifang (22, China), who lifted 113 kilograms in the vault, was disqualified from the competition.

As a result, Song Kook-hyang and Chung Chun-hee, who lifted 117 kilograms side by side, will fight for first place, while Kim Soo-hyun and Won Huey (26-Taiwan) will fight for third place.

Hsu, who lifted the same 105 kilograms in the impression, lifted 137 kilograms in the third period of the dragon phase.

Kim requested 138 kilograms in the third phase of the competition and lifted the barbell.

However, two of the three judges ruled it a “no lift” (failure).

Kim immediately requested a video review, and the judgment was overturned to a “good lift” (successful).

After hearing the results in the waiting room, Kim broke down and cried. It was tears of joy after a long time.

Pie Jae-yoon, who was waiting anxiously for the results of the video review, shouted, “It’s okay.”

North Korea had swept the women’s five weight classes at the Hangzhou Asian Games, winning gold medals in the 49kg, 55kg, Kang Hyon Kyong, 59kg, Kim Il Kyong, 64kg, Lim Eun Shim and 76kg categories. 안전놀이터

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