Fans looking at Tottenham, which quickly became an injury ward, are complicated.

But it’s not over yet. Tottenham could be in a big crisis next January. In particular, there is no Son Heung-min, the team’s captain and key striker.

Tottenham heard something like a bolt from the blue on the 29th. This is because Uruguay midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur, who was injured in February and had to devote eight months to surgery and rehabilitation, was injured in his return to Tottenham’s starting lineup and was rehabbed.

British media, including “Football London,” reported on the 29th , “Bentancourt will not be able to play for about two and a half more months due to a torn ankle ligament in his first start match at Tottenham in about nine months.” “Sky Sports” nailed that Bentancur will not return until February next year.

Bentancur started as a central midfielder in the 13th round of the 2023/24 Premier League against Aston Villa at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 27th.

After a long wait, Bentancur started at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Earlier on the 27th of last month, he made his return to Tottenham as a substitute for extra time in the second half of the match against Crystal Palace, and later increased his game time by playing about 30 minutes against Chelsea and Wolverhampton.

He then started as a central midfielder in the match against Aston Villa, the first game after the A-match break, giving joy to fans.

Bentancur wore a Tottenham shirt for the first time in a long time, but he was in charge of many space passes and ball transportation, revitalizing Tottenham’s midfield, where offensive midfielder James Maddison was injured. The compatibility with Giovanni Lo Celso was also good, so he was able to fully support the strikers.

However, Bentancur left the ground in the middle of the first half after Rossellso’s goal was scored in the 22nd minute after being hit by a murder tackle that was close to retaliation.

During the breakthrough process in the 24th minute of the first half, he complained of pain after falling over a rough ankle tackle by Matty Cash, an away team defender known for his roughness. The referee issued a warning to Cathy for committing a dangerous foul.

It was not a foul that would end with a single yellow card. For Bentancur, it was a fatal foul that made him return to the hospital that he barely escaped. Bentancur got some treatment and started playing again, but he lay on the ground and shook his head in the 30th minute. It was indicated that he could no longer run.

Bentancur laughed as he scored the opening goal in an away match against Leicester City in February, but he suddenly grabbed his knee and collapsed in the 15th minute of the second half. The knee was twisted in the process of stepping on the foot after blocking the opponent’s attack. I couldn’t stand the pain and screamed and cried.

As a result of the diagnosis, he was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament injury and was put on the operating table. He tried to return before the start of this season, but the medical staff refused. In other words, he could not return until November. He was right, and Bentancur returned as a starter against Aston Villa after returning as a late replacement late last month after qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in South America by his country Uruguay. But the return match was over.

Bentancur’s injury was a fatal blow to Tottenham because it was almost the only hope to replace previously injured players.

Tottenham has too many players injured to have no problem even if they only have the best 11 injured, and many are main players.

Adding to the injured, defender Christian Romero, who was sent off against Chelsea on the 7th and was unable to play three games, is about the “best 11 colon members.” As such, the injured are spread in various ways by position.

Among the strikers, Hisharlisson, Ryan Sessegnon and Manor Solomon are long-term injuries. Hisharlisson may return before Christmas next month. In addition to James Madison, who is more than half of his power as a midfielder, Bentancur and Papesar were on the injured list.

There are several players who were seriously injured among the defenders. Ivan Perisic, who injured his cruciate ligament and went to the operating table, is out of the season. Some say that it will be difficult to see Tottenham again as the contract period with Tottenham ends in June next year. Mickey Panderpen, who has a broken hamstring, and rookie defender Ashley Phillips are also injured. Romero will miss the match against Manchester City on the 4th of next month due to his exit against Chelsea in July.

There are also injured goalkeepers. Alfie Whiteman, a backup, was injured.

The injury gap is so large that it is difficult to say which power is better than the best 11 of the players in settlement condition, which includes Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, and Gugliemo Vicario GK. If even three players leave, it is likely that it will be difficult for the player to fill all nine players on the bench unless he or she transfuses quickly in the transfer market in early January. In other words, the aftermath of Bentancur’s injury is so great.

The bigger problem is that three players, even with normal physical conditions, will leave in January next year.

The British “Daily Mail” expressed concern about Tottenham’s January 2024 schedule after Bentancur was injured for about two to three months. In January 2024, the African Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup hosted by the Asian Football Confederation AFC will be held.

Among Tottenham players, Son Heung-min South Korea, Sar Senegal, and Yves Bissouma Malley are expected to leave the club for a while at the call of the national team. Both tournaments are continental cups recognized by FIFA, so the team cannot reject the national team’s request for self-sufficiency.

If the Korean national soccer team advances from the Asian Cup, which starts on January 12, 2024, to the final on February 11, Tottenham will have to play at least four games without Son Heung-min until the 21st and 24th rounds of the league Manchester United → Brentford → Everton → Brighton. The FA Cup schedule is also expected to be affected.

For Tottenham, they need to supply players as soon as the winter transfer market opens on January 1 to prepare for the second half of the year and set up Tottenham without Son Heung-min, but they don’t have enough money.

Tottenham invested a lot in the construction of a new stadium in 2019. The transfer fee that Harry Kane was sold to Bayern Munich, Germany, last summer is also rumored to have no money left in the club by pulling the funds in advance.

Bentancur’s injury put Tottenham on alert. Fans are deeply concerned that it will collapse in January next year, when even Son Heung-min is out. 토토사이트

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