Will Kim Min-sik be a duck egg in the Nakdong River, but can he find a new team?

It’s a ‘surprise’ twist. SSG Landers, who caught Kim Min-sik off guard and had to make a decision, found a steal in Lee Ji-young. What will be the fate of Kim Min-sik now?

On the 12th, SSG and Kiwoom Heroes made an unexpected announcement at the same time. Lee Ji-young sign and trade. Free agent catcher Lee Ji-young hadn’t been able to find any contact with her original team, Kiwoom. She was the second free agent, and because she was a B-grade player, her compensation was so high that other teams couldn’t afford to sign her as a free agent.

Lee Ji-young found a breakthrough on her own. There was only one way. It was a sign-and-trade. Lee Ji-young’s side had to actively look for a team, 온라인카지노 put together a card, and ask Kiwoom for a favor. Lee Ji-young met with Kiwoom head coach Ko Hyung-wook last week. He expressed his willingness to make way for her as long as it wasn’t at the expense of Kiwoom.

It was SSG that saved her life.

The circumstances aligned perfectly. SSG was having difficulty negotiating with free agent catcher Kim Min-sik. Kim Min-sik used his C-grade status to hold the upper hand in negotiations, and SSG didn’t budge. SSG also acquired Park Dae-on and Shin Beom-soo in the second round of the draft. If you consider Lee Ji-young and Kim Min-sik to be players of a similar level, it was worth bouncing an abacus. It would have been wiser to get Lee Ji-young cheaper than to spend “neck money” on Kim Min-sik. In the end, SSG decided to give Lee Ji-young two years and 400 million won, and Kiwoom 250 million won in cash and next year’s third-round rookie pick. That’s a total of 650 million won. It’s hard to judge the value of a roster spot in cash, but for less than 1 billion won, SSG got a catcher who can be used as a starter for two years right away.

Kim Min-sik is in a bind. While we can’t say he’s out of the running to stay with SSG, it’s safe to say that his chances of staying are pretty much gone. Having spent some money on Lee Ji-young, SSG will have no choice but to lower their offer if they want Kim to stay. SSG had also offered Kim a sizable non-free agent multi-year contract before he filed for free agency. Even though Kim rejected it and hit the free agent market, he didn’t go into the negotiations with any guilt.

The good news is that, as mentioned above, Min-sik is a low-cost, C-grade player.

He could still be traded to another team looking for a catcher. Both offensively and defensively, he has the ability to play in the first team. There are also rumors of a new destination. However, going to a team that has a solid starter as a backup would be a tough move for Kim Min-sik. If he had stayed with SSG, he would have had a very good chance of staying in the starting lineup given his experience and skill. For a player, there is no more important value than playing.

Money is also an issue. Now that teams are nearing the end of their rosters, it’s unclear if any team will be able to offer Kim the amount of money he wants. 바카라사이트 추천 Even if it’s a C-grade, it’s worth 150% of the previous year’s salary. Since his salary was 150 million won, that’s more than 200 million won. This is also a factor that will inevitably decrease his price if he goes to another team.

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