Stephen Strasburg 36, Washington Nationals, once called a “monster pitcher” and dominated the Major League Baseball MLB, will officially retire, leaving the worst contract ever.

AP and others reported on the 7th that Strasburg, the 2019 World Series MVP whose career was suspended due to injury, has officially announced his retirement.

In September last year, local media reported that Strasburg would hold a retirement press conference. However, the conference was canceled due to the issue of payment of remaining annual salary 105 million U.S. dollars between the Washington club and Strasburg. It became a problem that the club changed its previous position to pay all the remaining annual salary.

Seven months later, the two sides have reportedly reached an agreement. According to the Washington Post, Strasburg agreed to suspend some of the remaining salaries. The exact terms are unknown as Strasburg will eventually receive all of her remaining salaries.

Strasburg was once called a “monster pitcher” and was once the best star in the MLB. Since joining the big league in 2010, he has been named an All-Star three times while playing for the Washington D.C. and was included in the top 10 Cy Young Awards three times.

He led his team to the top in the World Series by winning 18 wins six losses in the regular season and two wins in the World Series. He rose to stardom by winning the World Series MVP. Washington gave him a huge contract worth 725 billion U.S. dollars.

Since then, however, Strasburg has completely disappeared from expectations. In the first year of his contract, he had surgery on his wrist in 2020, played only two games one loss due to his shoulder injury in 2021, and played only five games one win and two losses due to elbow problems in 2022. He did not appear in any games last year and this year.

After signing the contract, he recorded one win and four losses with a 6.89 ERA in 31 ⅓ innings in eight games. Yahoo Sports said there could be no worse contract in baseball history. 슬롯사이트 추천

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