The physical training itself came as a positive surprise to me.

Yuri Jonathan led his team to a 1-0 victory with the first goal in the sixth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 away game at Incheon Football Stadium on the 6th.

Yuri Jonathan, who was put in at the start of the second half, worked diligently on the ground. And broke the balance of the 0-0 win. In the 24th minute of the second half, while Kim Yeon-soo missed the ball, Kim Jung-min handed the ball to Seo Jin-soo in the box near the penalty arc. Yonichi removed the cutback, which was delivered incorrectly to Kim Jung-min. Both Kim Jung-min and Yuri’s two shots were blocked by goalkeeper Lee Bum-soo, but Yuri eventually hit the goal with her third shot.

After the game, Yuri Jonathan said, “Incheon is a strong team at home. It is a strong defense and fast counterattack. It was a bit burdensome, but the game came out as much as we prepared, and I am happy to win.”

Yuri Jyotanan entered the K-League last season. He has a fast scoring pace. “I think I adapted well from the first year,” said Yuri Jonatan. “Since I started this season, I know the style of the K-League and the other team, so I have good scoring pace and performance. I will score more goals so that I can put Jeju in the top ranks.”

Jeju coach Kim Hak-beom’s “100-minute physical fitness theory” is working. As the extra time in the first half and the second half increases to more than five minutes, the actual players have more than 100 minutes of playing on the ground, and the theory is that they should have the right physical strength.

Yuri Jonatan, who has been exercising intense physical training during the off-season, said, “I didn’t know the coach well, but I got to know him through this training. I feel that my physical condition is light because I lost a lot of body fat during the training.”

“Physical training is an important factor in soccer. Physical training helped the players take one step further. Running one or two more times at the time when they were going to get tired in the second half was the opportunity to score a goal. I think it was a training that worked well enough. The physical training itself came as a positive surprise to me. In the long period of physical training, it was amazing and difficult for the coach to do such training, but I think the results are coming out little by little,” he added. 안전놀이터

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