The midfielder of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League is emerging as the future of the new team this season. It is none other than 21-year-old midfielder Pape Matar Sarr.

Sar has been adored by the new manager, Angé Postecoglou, as he met his new manager. In fact, Sar moved from the French Mets in 2021 under Antonio Conte. And on Jan. 1, 2023, he made his debut in the English Premier League by joining Tottenham.

The first goal came this season. Sar scored the first goal of the season against Manchester United, the second game of the season, on Aug. 19 last year at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It left a big impression in the minds of home fans as it was the final goal that marked Tottenham’s first win of the season.

Sar extended his contract with Tottenham until 2030, on Jan. 2, about a year after his debut with the Tottenham Hotspur F.C.T.U. boldly offered him a six-year contract. He is only 27 years old at the end of his contract.

England’s The Sun said on the 10th, “The 21-year-old Sarr, who is currently a Premier League star, planned to drastically change his career if he did not succeed with football.”

In particular, according to the article, Sar is called Carlos, a legend of Brazilian soccer by his family. It is a nickname given to him by his uncle while wishing him success.

The Sun introduced Sarr that Tottenham has a brilliant player. Sarr is said to be undergoing a “sharp career change at the age of 21.” He became the main player of the team. With the appointment of Postecoglou, he is said to be transforming into a completely new player. His skills are improving. Sarr, who is favored by the coach, has scored three goals in a total of 23 games this season.

The Sun introduced that Sar could have had a completely different job if he had not succeeded in soccer because he did not meet Postecoglou. He is no other than a “sportware engineer.”

“As I continue to study for the future, I continue to learn about computer software engineering,” Sar said in a media interview. “I could have made a career in software engineering or something like that.”

Tottenham fans are very satisfied with Sarr’s performance this season. He said he was impressed by his energetic performance on the field.

Sar’s nickname is Carlos. He was such a fast runner since he was young that he named him a Brazilian legend. His uncle named it that way because it reminded him of Brazil’s left-back Roberto Carlos.

“My uncle told me from a young age that I was like Carlos because of my strong drive and excellent shooting ability,” Sarr said. “Maybe a lot of people don’t know him now. And I may have lost that trait a little over time. Still, even now, when I go to my home country of Senegal, fans still call me Kroos. Even more so in the hometown where I was born.” When I call him “Pape,” no one seems to turn their heads. 안전 토토사이트

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