“In Korea, I thought I was the best, I thought I was the ace, but on the world stage, I wasn’t.”

Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank), who will be returning her Taekwondo marker after the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, 온라인카지노 has some advice for her juniors.

“This is my last tournament,” Kim Dan-bi said after South Korea’s 58-81 loss to Japan in the women’s basketball quarterfinals at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, on Wednesday. The South Korean women’s basketball team will play North Korea for the bronze medal at 5 p.m. on Friday. It will be Kim Dan-bi’s last game in a national team uniform.

Kim believes that South Korea’s women’s basketball team is not as competitive internationally as Japan’s. “Japanese players I know say, ‘It’s harder to work out than to train,’ and they compete a lot before a game,” she said, emphasizing that Japanese players compete with each other, compete in competition, and then come to the national team, and then they come out and play.

“There’s something Korean players should know,” Kim continued. “You can’t be the best just because you’re good in Korea,” he said, adding, “I’ve often thought, ‘I’m good enough, I can do this,’ and I’ve become stagnant.” “I also need to learn and make efforts,” she said, explaining that this is why she chose to move to Woori Bank.

Kim continued with advice for his juniors. “Even if you are paid a lot of money in the league and are considered an ace, you can only show this kind of performance in international competitions,” he said. “I hope that the junior players will not stagnate and will grow step by step while thinking ‘I have to learn’.” “I was a bad player, but I hope that the juniors will continue to improve over time and become a national team that can beat Japan again,” he added.

Looking ahead to the bronze medal match, Kim said she wanted to leave with a smile on her face. “The next game against North Korea will be my last game for the national team,” Kim emphasized, “and I want to win the last game and end it somehow.” “When I saw my older sisters retiring after winning gold at the Incheon Asian Games, I thought I wanted to be like them,” she said, adding, “I will definitely retire with a bronze medal.”

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