The Jeonbuk Provincial Sports Council announced on the 18th that it has concluded the Sports Gifted and Talented Selection Contest to discover and nurture athletic dreamers with athletic talent .The competition, which was introduced by the provincial sports governing body to develop school sports and discover athletic talents, is now in its third year. More than 800 students from the third grade of elementary school to the first grade of junior high school who are not members of school athletic teams or sports clubs participated in the competition .They were divided into preliminary, main, and final rounds to compete in basic physical fitness, athletic fitness, motor skills, neural responses, motor coordination, and complex racing games. Baek Min-seok (3rd grade) from Soryong Elementary School in Gunsan won the overall title, Kim Rae-hyun (6th grade) from Geumbit Elementary School in Gunsan won 2nd place, and Jeong Ji-hyun (4th grade) from Soryong Elementary School in Gunsan won 3rd place .All 40 finalists, including the three, were awarded athletic scholarships. The provincial sports governing body will support the contestants with training fees and sports equipment 바카라사이트 if they pursue professional athletic activities.

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