7-7, again 7-7, this time 4-4. Blood clots beyond a close game.

It is different from the sketch that LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop set at the starting point. Initially, the team wanted to spend early spring with starting baseball as its main driving force, and then celebrate the summer as a complete mound in which starting pitchers and bullpen pitchers balance each other. Anyway, the route has changed.

Compared to last year’s bullpen pitcher lineup, LG started the new season with several negative factors. Starting pitcher Ko Woo-suk San Diego Padres crossed the sea, and all-weather left-hander Ham Deok-joo went on the operating table and announced his plan to return to the team in June and July. Another multi-card player, Lee Jung-yong, also failed to join the team.

Yeom devised a strategy to maximize the role of the starting pitcher in the process of reorganizing the bullpen with new closer Yoo Young-chan as a vertex. With new foreign ace Detrick N.S. as expected, the fifth starting pitcher Son Ju-young has been upgraded. He also secured foreign right-hander Casey Kelly in addition to proven Korean starting pitchers such as Lim Chan-kyu and Choi Won-tae, so the team came up with the idea of “starting baseball.”

However, in the first section of the season, LG’s power has changed.

As of the 6th, LG ranks fifth with an average earned run average of 4.43 in the opening 13 games. Since last week’s NC and Jamsil Series, it has been deteriorating with an average earned run average of 6.29 in six games. As a result, the key to the game is often turned into a bullpen fight.

LG faced 7-7 against NC in Jamsil on the 4th and won 8-7 with Koo Bon-hyuk’s finishing hit in the bottom of the 11th inning of extra time, and lost 7-8 against KT in Jamsil on the 5th when Kim Min-hyuk hit a timely hit in the top of the 10th inning of extra time, when it was 7-7. In addition, against KT on the 6th, the team won 8-4 with Koo Bon-hyuk’s finishing grand slam in the bottom of the 9th inning of extra time, which was 4-4.

The last hero to end the blood clot was the batter, but it was the bullpen that created the chance to win. Since the opening, LG has maintained its bullpen index as good as last year, ranking second after KIA 2.88 with an average of 3.29 earned runs. Although variables occurred such as trusted right-hander Baek Seung-hyun being out of his power due to sluggishness, with closer Yoo Young-chan slowly taking his place, several resources, from veteran Kim Jin-sung to new power Kim Yu-young, are generating their entire power.

LG is elevating the depth that didn’t look like this. The reason why he appeared as a “surprise star” in the lineup is no different.

LG has displayed a number of elements of anxiety since the season’s opening. Nevertheless, it is still holding off the lead with seven wins, one draw and five losses 0.583 as of Tuesday. This could be the strength of the defending champion. It could be the strength of Debs that the team has accumulated over the years.

Baseball is also no different from the “Black Myo White Myo” game, in which players can catch mice well, whether they are black cats or white cats. It is a game to win no matter what you put first. It is a race to go to Seoul even if you go to Moro. LG is struggling, but it is having a difficult game. 메이저사이트

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