Spain court sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison. “There’s a lot of evidence to prove the charges”

Brazilian soccer star Dani Aubes 40, who was indicted in Spain on sexual assault charges, was finally sentenced to prison.

The Associated Press and the BBC reported that a court in Barcelona, Spain, sentenced Aubes to four and a half years in prison in the first trial on Tuesday, saying he was found guilty of sexual assault. The prosecution sentenced him to nine years in prison.

The court ordered Aubes to be sentenced to prison and pay 150,000 euros 120,000 U.S. dollars in compensation to the victim. The court also ordered him to ban access to the victim and probation for five years after the execution of his sentence is terminated.

Even the excuse for drinking didn’t work, Aubes, who changed his words

Aubes has been in custody for more than a year since he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona on December 31, 2022.

Shortly after the indictment, Aubes claimed he did not know the woman, but when the investigation began, he met the woman in the bathroom, but said nothing happened. He then changed his words several times, including that he had sex with mutual consent.

In addition to consistent statements from victims and witnesses, there is plenty of evidence to prove Aubes’ alleged sexual assault, the court said.

According to the ruling, the three judges in charge of the trial pointed out, “The defendant suddenly grabbed the plaintiff and threw him to the floor, blocked him from moving, and sexually assaulted him,” adding, “The plaintiff wanted to leave the scene, but he couldn’t because of the defendant.”

The court also rejected Aubes’ lawyer’s claim that Aubes’ sentence should be reduced because he was drunk at the time, saying, “Drinking did not affect Aubes’ behavior.”

The victim’s lawyer welcomed the ruling, saying, “I am satisfied that the truth of the case that the victim told me and the pain she suffered were recognized.” On the other hand, Aubes said, “It is innocent” and expressed his intention to appeal.

The world’s best defender, prison flesh… the worst ‘disgrace’

Aubes played as the world’s best defender. For eight years with FC Barcelona, Spain’s prestigious club, he played in a total of 391 matches, scoring 21 goals and 101 assists.

He also lifted numerous trophies, including six Spanish Primera Liga wins, four Copa del Rey wins, three UEFA Champions League wins, three UEFA Super Cups and three FIFA Club World Cups.

He also showed tremendous performance for the Brazil national team. He scored eight goals in 126 A-matches. While playing, Brazil won two Copa America titles and won a gold medal at the 2022 Tokyo Olympics. 온라인카지노

Aubes, who made the final list of the Brazilian national team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup and left the record of being the oldest player in the World Cup 39 years and 210 days, enjoyed his heyday by playing for Juventus in Italy and Saint-Germain in Paris, France, following FC Barcelona.

After finishing his career in Europe, Aubes joined Mexican league Pumas UNAM to spend his twilight years as a player. However, he was detained for sexual assault charges, which led to his disgraceful retirement, and the ruling resulted in a prison sentence.

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