The head of the women’s professional volleyball division, Jeonggwan, will challenge to advance to “Spring Volleyball” for the first time in seven seasons.

The head of the articles of association will play against the Korea Expressway Corporation at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium at 7 p.m. on the 27th.

With 17 wins and 14 losses 53 points this season, Chung is ranking third after Hyundai Engineering & Construction 23-7, 69 points and Heungkuk Life 24-7 losses, 67 points. He is in an advantageous position compared to GS Caltex 17-14, 48 points.

Chung has won four consecutive games in recent months. This is a new record for a club’s winning streak this season. He posted four wins and two losses in the fourth round and five wins and one loss in the fifth round. He showed particular concentration at the decider.

It was impressive to win the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 24th after a slugfest. Some of the players in Jeonggwanjang shed tears as if they had won. The players also expressed their joy with a ceremony of spraying water on coach Ko Hee-jin.

The team atmosphere of Chief Jeong Kwan-jang, who caught the “big fish,” has risen further.

Chung failed to advance to the spring volleyball tournament last season due to a gap of one point. This season, he increased his chance to advance to the tournament. Given the high possibility of the third place, Chung can play the playoffs immediately without a semi-playoff if he widens the gap by more than four points with the fourth place.

If he goes to spring volleyball, it will be his first time in seven seasons since the 2016-2017 season 3rd place in the regular league when he was at KGC Ginseng Corporation.

Mega from the Asian quarter and Jia, a foreign player, are leading the attack. Mega from Indonesia was selected as the head of the articles of association in last year’s Asian quarter draft.

Mega has played in 31 games and scored 660 points, serving as the main scorer of his team. He was ranked seventh in scoring, fifth in overall offense 43.38 percent, second in serve, and fourth in open offense.

Jia is also leading the attack with 601 points.

Although Chung Kwan-jang is not good at defense, he is ranked first in the league in terms of attack success rate 42.70% that Mega and Jia endure. 메이저사이트

Chung has five more games to go for this season. Even if GS Caltex employees win all games 15 points, if Chung secures 11 points, he can take the third place on his own in the regular league.

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