He summed it up in just one word. This is the answer given by legendary Brazilian soccer goaltender Ronaldo to the championship competition of the English Premier League, which was in such a chaotic situation at the end of this season that it was hard to predict even a inch ahead.

Currently, Arsenal and Liverpool have a close match to win the EPL title with 64 points, and Manchester City (63 points). All three teams have played 28 matches equally. Arsenal are leading in multiple points and are leading the league by beating out Liverpool, which is tied at the same point. Liverpool is in second place, and Manchester City, which is one point shorter than these two teams, is in third place. However, as the score point gap between the three teams is only one point, the ranking of the three teams could fluctuate at any time. This is why it is difficult to choose a clear candidate yet.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo expressed his thoughts briefly and clearly about the current state of the EPL championship. He chose the winner with just one word. British media Liverpool Dotcom reported on the 14th that “Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo chose between Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City to predict the EPL victory.” When asked by another British media outlet, Daily Mail, “Who will win the EPL title competition this season?” Ronaldo thought for a moment and said only one word. It was “CITY.” In other words, it means that Manchester City will win the championship.

Manchester City achieved the treble last season. However, the team failed to comfort its key players Kevin De Bruyne and Elling Holan due to multiple unfavorable factors from the beginning this season. As time went by, the team regained stability and is now competing for the lead. 토토사이트

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