What kind of game will unfold when teams with good defense play? We will not just focus on defense. In modern soccer, a team that is good at offense gets three points, but a team that is good at defense wins the championship. Therefore, attention was focused on the second round match of the round of 16 at the UEFA Champions League between Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan. Let’s check out the result of this match through reporter Lee Seongpil of Spotify News.

Atletico, the master of defensive football in Spain, has reunited with Italy’s strongest team, Inter. It’s a big shootout

“Following Arsenal and FC Portu, two consecutive shootouts were held, giving soccer fans a thrill. This time Atletico laughed. They won 21, but lost 01 in the first leg, going past 22 extra time on aggregate and reaching the quarterfinals with a 32 victory in the shootout. There was a thrilling defense from goalkeeper Jan Oblak. Sanchez and Claessen blocked kicks to give them a psychological edge, and the last kicker Lautaro’s miss ended the game.

Inter got the first leg and got off to a good start to the second leg, but Atletico were persistent

“Inter constantly attempted to attack Atletico’s defensive space, and DiMarco scored the first goal in the process. It stood out that he created the opportunity with a fast forward pass before he was fully organized. However, one mistake is enough. Griezmann scored the equalizer without missing the ball that flowed backward due to the poor ball handling by the defense. It looked like an offside, but he was unlucky as the last pass was passed after being hit by Inter. Griezmann’s concentration was the result.

A 11 finish would have been Inter’s quarterfinals, but Depay scored a goal

“In the 43rd minute of the second half, Depay’s shot drove the game to extra time. Atletico and Koke, who were making space by turning passes from the sides, hit Depay, who was in between defense, and scored a goal. It was Depay, who skillfully penetrated the offside trap. All the spectators in Metropolitano, their home stadium, enjoyed the joy by waving their mufflers. In fact, Atletico could have ended the game just before the end of the second half, and Rikelme, who was in the center of the fast attack, had a decisive shot, but it split the air.”

Oblak’s defense stood out in the shootout of fate

“Both Oblak and Zommer are experienced goalkeepers. When Oblak blocked Sanchez’s kick from coming straight ahead, Zommer fell over Saul’s kick and blocked him with his feet. Psychological fight was important. Oblak, who read Claessen’s kick direction correctly, and Inter, who was shaken, gave Atletico a ticket to the quarterfinals with Lautaro flying the ball into the sky.”

Who is the MVP of the match

“As expected, the goalkeeper is in the spotlight when it comes to penalty shootouts. Oblak, you blocked it firmly.”

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“Neverdie, diehard Atletico, the defense is shaky, but if you don’t, you can score goals and change your fate until the referee’s whistle.”

The quarterfinals are all over. When is the draw

“Atletico, Arsenal, Barcelona, Paris SaintGermain, Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, etc. have gathered together to win. The draw for the quarterfinals will be held at 8 p.m. on the 15th in our time. It will be broadcast live on SPOTV PRIME and SPOTV NOW.”

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