Green raves about super rookie Wembanyama.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green had nothing but praise for rookie Victor Wembanyama on his podcast on Thursday.

“Wembanyama should win Defensive Player of the Year,” Green said. His defense is just unbelievable. He’s perfect on both man-to-man defense and help defense. If you’re on the other end of the floor and you’re trying to shoot a layup, Wembanyama will appear out of nowhere and block the shot. His defense against man-to-man is terrifying,” 스포츠토토 said one player.

Drafted by the San Antonio Spurs with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, Wembanyama was a highly sought-after player even before he entered the NBA. Wembanyama’s physical attributes are cartoonish, with a 6-foot-9-inch height and a 6-foot-8-inch wingspan, and he’s also athletic, with great speed and agility.

Wembanyama’s athleticism, coupled with his three-point shooting and dribbling skills, made him an NBA icon.

However, Wembanyama’s biggest strength was his defense. His ability to block shots and utilize his overwhelming size, speed, and good defensive steps allowed him to withstand mismatches with opposing guards. While he may not be a future MVP, he was a lock to win Defensive Player of the Year.

Since his rookie season, Wembanyama’s defensive prowess has been on full display. Unlike his offense, which was up and down at the beginning of the season as he struggled with his outside shot, and then exploded in the second half of the season, Wembanyama‘s defense was dominant from the start of the season.

His ability to block shots, which has always been his strength, was on full display, and his ability to cover for his teammates when they failed to defend was tremendous. He even showed off his defense in one-on-one situations against some of the NBA’s best guards, defending them cleanly.

His blocked shots were expected to be at the top of the list, but his impact on the team’s defense is even more impressive. Wembanyama’s team, San Antonio, is a lowly rebuilding organization. They currently sit in 15th place in the Western Conference with 18 wins and 58 losses.

It”s surprising that Wembanyama”s presence is so strong in such a weak team. Without him, San Antonio is a gaping hole on offense and a gaping hole on defense. Even in his first season in the NBA, Wembanyama has been the absolute ace in the hole for San Antonio.

Wembanyama is averaging 3.5 blocks per game this season, which is first in the NBA. Second-place Brock Lopez is averaging 2.4, so there’s a huge gap.

Wembanyama is also a favorite to be named to the All-Defensive team. Even though his team, San Antonio, is in the bottom half of the league, Wembanyama’s defense is highly regarded.

Despite Green’s comments, it seems unlikely that Wemba will win Defensive Player of the Year. This season’s Defensive Player of the Year is likely to be Rudy Gobert, who has made the Minnesota Timberwolves one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Kobe has been tremendous this season, proving his worth.

Interestingly, Kobe and Wembanyama are both French players. In a recent interview, Wembanyama expressed his admiration for Kobe. “I think Kobe is the ‘Defender of the Year’ this season,” Wembanyama said. But next year, I’ll take it,” Wembanyama said with both respect and bravado.

Wembanyamada was the center of attention even before he entered the NBA. In his first season, Wembanyama is living up to the hype.

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