Coach Jurgen Klopp will finish his company with Liverpool at the end of this season. In this regard, Liverpool’s next coach candidate is already being discussed.

British media The Athletic said on the 27th, “Liverpool fans knew that one day the day Klopp leaves would come. With Klopp breaking up with his team at the end of this season, who can replace him?” referring to the two candidates.

Liverpool officially announced on its website on the 26th that “Coach Klopp will resign at the end of the 2023-2024 season.”

In an interview with the club, Klopp said, “I think a lot of people are shocked by my news. I think I should at least explain it. The reason I made this decision is because I think I have run out of energy now.”

“It’s hard to continue as a manager for a long time. I already informed the club of my decision in November last year,” he said. “Ideally, it would have been nice to say goodbye after the season is over, but such a secret is hard to keep in reality. It’s quite amazing that the secret has been kept until now. The club needs time. My decision is a difficult one, but I hope you can think of it as the right one. If I had received an offer from Liverpool 10 years ago, I would have run through the wall. However, my energy was not infinite. I think I have underestimated this part. We are Liverpool. We have experienced more difficult times than this. I want to squeeze everything out and smile and look back on the past for the rest of the year.”

It is a shocking choice. Klopp is the best coach for Liverpool. While taking a break from Borussia Dortmund in 2015, Liverpool, which was searching for a new coach at the time, reached out and Klopp accepted it and headed to the Premier League.

It gradually began to occupy the Premier League with ‘gegen pressing’ with strong forward pressure and rapid attack development. In the early days, Liverpool, which was in a dark period, was revitalized, but gradually raised its ranking and continued to compete in the top ranks.

And from the 2018-2019 season, the “Manura Line,” which consists of Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah in attack, and the world’s best center back Fairzil Vandijk, top fullback Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Robertson in defense, have become the top clubs in Europe.

After winning the UEFA Champions League at the time, he swept trophies from all competitions, including the Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup, Community Shield, and FIFA Club World Cup, becoming one of the best players.

Although it slowed down last season due to the injuries and sluggishness of its main players, new players such as Dominic Sobosly, Alexis McAlister and Endo Wataru joined the team this season, and Darwin Núñez and Cody Hakpo, who joined last season, are continuing their upward trend.

Under these circumstances, Klopp decided to resign. The reason was that he had exhausted his energy after pouring tremendous passion from the bench.

Recently, Premier League clubs have been changing their coaches frequently with huge profits, and it was even more shocking news as Klopp is one of the few managers who has led Liverpool for nine years and has been in power for a long time.

Among them, “The Athletic” predicted Klopp’s replacement. “In the process of preparing for the next season, we looked into options that Liverpool could appoint as a coach. The first is Xavi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen, and the second is Roberto Dezerby Brighton and Hove Albion,” the media predicted.

Both coaches are drawing attention for their leadership. Alonso, former best defensive midfielder during his active career, retired in 2017 and prepared to become a coach before joining the main league for the first time as a manager of Leverkusen in 2022.

At that time, he slowed down a bit and finished sixth in the Bundesliga, but showed potential as a coach by reaching the semi-finals in the Europa League. And this season, he is flying much faster. He is leading the league, beating the German giants Bayern Munich. Moreover, he has already been undefeated in 18 matches in the league, and the possibility of winning the league is already high.

Moreover, he has experience playing for Liverpool when he was an active player, so he has the advantage of knowing the team well. The media said, “Coach Alonso is possession-oriented and has an intense soccer style. Although he is not like a ‘heavy metal’ of Cloem, his determination to win is no different. He seems to show his full capabilities as a coach.”

When he was an active player, he did not receive much attention. There are a whopping 14 teams including AC Milan, AC Monza and Napoli. After debuting as a pro in 1998, he continued his career until 2013, and immediately became a coach.

He also led several teams as a leader. Starting with d’Arpo boario, he played for spores calcho, us palermo and venento calcho.

And in 2018, he was appointed as the head coach of Sussiolo and began to be recognized for his leadership, and headed to Shakhtar Donetsk. He was also on a smooth path on the Ukrainian stage, but he left the team under mutual agreement due to the prolonged Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, and took the helm of Brighton, which left coach Graham Potter during the 2022-2023 season.

Having challenged for his first Premier League appearance, Dezerbai has emerged as a manager in the spotlight just once. With his strong performance, he broke the club’s record of most points and secured a ticket to the Europa League by ranking sixth in the league.

He is currently in seventh place this season, but he has greatly helped establish Brighton as a tough team for the strong.

“He is an innovative coach who has made Brighton an attractive team in the league,” the media said. “He is tactically flexible and may be willing to change the approach he has set throughout the game. It will be interesting to see Deservis lead Liverpool, which has better resources than Brighton.”

Liverpool still has time. There are still about five months left until the end of the league. In the meantime, Liverpool can find a successor to the coach who elevated the team to its highest position. First of all, he will be with Klopp until the end of this season, and officially announce the appointment of a new coach ahead of the new season.

In addition to Alonso and Dezerby, “The Athletic” selected Michel Girona, Simone Inzaghi Inter Milan, Unai Emery Aston Villa, Thomas Frank Brentford, Julian Nagelsmann Germany, and Enze Postecoglou Tottenham. 스포츠토토

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