Takefusa Kubo, who has risen to the highest ransom in Asia, has emerged as a candidate for Liverpool.

Spain’s Lelebo reported on the 26th that “Liverpool will delay its interest until the summer and aim for the new news.”

Gubo has been playing as the ace of Real Sociedad this season, drawing attention from big European clubs. There were also reports that Barcelona and Real were aiming for Gubo’s return, and ahead of the winter transfer market, Manchester United was looking to reorganize its offense by recruiting Gubo. In addition, European clubs such as Tottenham and Arsenal continued to pay attention.

The value of Kubo has skyrocketed. It has also topped the list of Asian players in ransom. It has surpassed Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. TransferMark, a media outlet specializing in the transfer market, rated Kubo at 60 million euros and ranked first among Asian players. Kim was evaluated at 60 million euros, the same as Kubo, but was pushed back due to his age, and Son Heung-min only ranked fourth with 50 million euros.

Lelebo said, “Gubo’s wish is certain. He will play for Sociedad until the end of this season. Despite a lot of contact, he showed a firm attitude. Liverpool showed the most interest. Liverpool contacted Gubo before the winter transfer window to check the situation. He was grateful, but he chose to stay.”

He added, “Nevertheless, Gubo is still on Liverpool’s recruitment list. They will consider whether they will seek to recruit again next summer.”

Liverpool needs to recruit Kubo. This is because the possibility of team ace Mohamed Salah moving to Saudi Arabia has been steadily raised since the transfer market last summer. If the possibility of catching Salah is reduced with Jürgen Klopp leaving after this season, Kubo could be desperately recruited this summer as it is essential.

Having grown up through the Barcelona academy La Masia and Real Madrid’s youth teams, Kubo moved to Real Sociedad ahead of the 2022-2023 season, facing a turning point in his transfer. Having grown into a Sociedad ace, Kubo has emerged as La Liga’s best winger last season with nine goals and seven assists. He has also scored six goals and four assists in 25 league games this season.

Along with his performance, attention is being paid to which team Liverpool’s Gubo, who is receiving great attention, will head to in the upcoming summer. 스포츠토토

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