Juventus is on the verge of breaking up with Paul Pogba, who is on the verge of disciplinary action due to drug use.

According to a report by Italian media Gazeta on the 8th, the Italian anti-doping investigation authorities conducted an investigation into Pogba’s drug administration and demanded a four-year suspension of his career as Pogba failed to explain.

Pogba was designated as a doping test target and tested after the end of the Udinese match in August. The test result was positive. In mid-September, Juventus announced that Pogba would immediately exclude him from its power because he failed to pass the doping test. It is known that Pogba’s test detected non-resistant testosterone metabolites. It is a substance prohibited by anti-doping organizations. In early October, a preliminary sample test result was even conducted for cross-validation, which also turned out positive. Pogba explained that it was not intentional, but it has not gained convincing power. At this rate, Pogba’s decision to discipline seems certain. 먹튀검증

Pogba was born in 1993, and he is 30 years old. If he is disciplined for four years, he will not be able to play until the age of 34. It is not easy to return after taking a break for one to two years, but if he fails to play for four years, he will inevitably undergo retirement.

Pogba was once a world-class midfielder. Transfer Market, a media outlet specializing in transfer, set 100 million euros about 141.1 billion won for Pogba’s market value in June 2019.

However, Pogba’s heyday was too short. During the 2018-2019 season, he had 13 goals and nine assists as a member of Manchester United, and since then he has gone downhill.

Pogba has always been held back by injuries. Over the past few years, Pogba has suffered from injuries so often that he has not been hurt anywhere, including his ankle, hamstring, knee and calf. Worse yet, he faced the biggest crisis in his career due to drug issues.

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