According to the latest news of gambling legislation in the Netherlands, the Dutch regulator mentioned additional powers that could be used to fight illegal operators.

Remote gambling laws have recently been discussed a lot in online casino news. Regulators have revealed further details of the steps they can take to terminate gambling services that have not been approved under the new law.

Authority of the Korea Aerospace Association granted under the Korean Air Act
The Dutch gambling watchdog said, “Now is the time to apply additional powers to this field to eradicate illegal activities,” adding, “The authority granted by the Remote Gambling Act.” It emphasized that this is to detect and prevent gambling-related crimes, targeting both online and land. 슬롯

Regulators now say they have the right to block gambling facilities if an investigation is needed to the end. Surveillance teams can also conduct raids on homes and confiscate goods without police. The industry’s online sector will also be under Kanspeloit’s control because it has the right to use so-called “mystery shopping” to reveal violations of the law. In addition, regulators can crack down on financial institutions that serve illegal operators.

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