Recently, there is a person who is famous in professional football K League 1. But not a player. It is Jeong Dong-sik (44), a professional football referee who drew attention as a “lookalike” of “monster defender” Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich). Appearing in a similar look to Kim Min-jae on the YouTube channel “Shoot for Love,” he gained popularity by visiting Naples, where Kim Min-jae played last season, receiving the name of “Kim, Kim, Kim!” and taking pictures together. Later in June, he appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block” to convey his life history and impress the public.

“The referee is often criticized, and someone describes it as a ‘job abandoned by God’ for the referee, but it’s fascinating to have fans and communicate with them.” There used to be more “bad comments,” but now there are more “good comments.” I feel a personal burden, but I am working hard not only to expand the base of the referee but also to improve my image.”

Professional football referee Chung Dong-sik is taking a picture in front of a cafe in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, on the 19th, marking Kim Min-jae’s back number “3.” Reporter Jang Han-seo
Judge Chung made the remarks in an interview with the Segye Ilbo at a cafe in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, on the 19th about the recent increase in popularity. It is hoped that the image of the referee will be improved by giving pleasure to the media with the happening that comes from the appearance of Kim Min-jae, raising his three sons and working day and night.

The 11-year “veteran” football referee, Chung originally wanted to be a soccer player. Since elementary school, I have been exercising while developing my dream of becoming a soccer player, and after entering Sunmoon University in 1999, I stopped playing soccer until the first grade. Because I felt the high wall of reality. However, I couldn’t let go of my affection for “soccer.” After obtaining a third-degree certificate as a soccer referee, he began his career as a soccer referee in his second year of college. Having been an amateur referee for about 12 years, he has been a referee in the K-League since 2013.

He said, “I ran with the dream of becoming a professional referee to achieve my dream that I couldn’t achieve when I was a player. I’m already in my mid-40s, but I’m so happy and happy to play and breathe with young players on the ground. “Soccer is my life,” he said.

Referees receive an allowance per game, not a salary system. There is no income in the offseason. Due to his unstable job, Judge Chung has been working in Seocho-gu since January this year after challenging and passing the environmental civil service examination last year. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. every day and work to improve the beautification environment in my area until 3 p.m. Recently, due to the rainy season, there were overflowing submersible bridges, and maintenance work was carried out to remove branches and garbage. After work, I work as a quick service. And on weekends, I play on the ground as a referee. “As a head of household with three sons, there is not enough money to be paid as a judge is insufficient to support your family. “We are also providing quick service whenever we have time to add to the cost of snacks or academy fees for our children.”

His ‘non-resting life’ began at the young age of 20. Judge Jung, who had a poor family situation, left home immediately after graduating from high school and became independent. He had only 2,000 won in his pocket. He started working as a life counselor at a welfare center, managed facilities, and consulted for the homeless. In fact, he described himself as “semi-homeless.” Newspapers cutting back on sleep to make ends meet?He collected 100 million won by doing numerous jobs such as milk delivery, counseling for the homeless, daily workers, and proxy driving, but even this was fraudulent in the sale of a shopping mall. After that, my hard working life continued. 토토사이트

But he didn’t give up as much as he was a referee. There were many days when I wanted to rest on the weekend, but I went to the soccer field and played with the players and blew the whistle. Judge Chung said, “There was a time when I worked seven things a day and paid off my debts without sleeping. “I continued my refereeing activities at that time,” he said. “That was my hope, and I vowed not to let go.” With such earnestness and consistency, he would have become a professional football referee and come to his current position. “I didn’t think to give up because it was hot and hard, but I just wanted to have fun,” he said.

What is his goal as a veteran referee. With 200 games to go soon, he wants to play 100 more games and fill 300 games. It can be achieved in as early as five years. “I’m 44, so I think I can do it around 50 years old,” he said. “For this, I have to exercise steadily.” I take a physical fitness test once a year, and if I don’t pass it, it’s over. “The test is very difficult, so I need to exercise,” he stressed. Judge Chung was also honored as the “Judge of the Year” last year.

On this day, Kim Min-jae confirmed his transfer to Bayern Munich, Germany’s “giant” team. Referee Jung even had trouble sleeping at night due to the news of the news of the transfer. He said, “I was so happy as if it were my job. “I couldn’t sleep as if my younger brother had gone to Munich and was happy,” he said. “I just hope that he will be loved as much as he is now by continuously working hard in his position.”

He will publish a book about his life in October. He is also giving lectures through the Korea Sports Council, and he also wrote what he wanted to say to young people in his book. After Judge Chung quit as a referee, he dreams of a new life as a lecturer. “There is a saying that when you change your mind, your behavior changes, your habits change, and your life changes when your habits change. It was thanks to this will that I didn’t give up as a soccer referee despite my hard life. I changed my life with positive thoughts. “Now I’ve already established a family and been a professional football referee for more than 10 years.”

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