New York Mets closer Edine Diaz, who was out of the season due to a ruptured knee during a victory ceremony, is finally on the verge of returning.

Diaz, a member of the Mets, played as a member of the Puerto Rico national team at the WBC (World Baseball Classic) held in March. He was the last pitcher to determine the team’s 5-2 victory in the final game of the first round against the Dominican Republic, where Puerto Rico was a favorite. Diaz defended his team’s victory by handling three batters in one inning with 3K.

It was the moment when Puerto Rico was confirmed to advance to the quarterfinals. Puerto Rico was able to advance to the quarterfinals as second place in the group, defeating the Dominican Republic in Group D. Venezuela tops the group list.

However, being so happy became the cause of the trouble. Diaz and other Puerto Rican players celebrated fiercely, and suddenly Diaz was carried off on a stretcher complaining of knee pain. The result was a ruptured right knee ligament. It was a hopeless result of a season-out ahead of his return to his team.

Fortunately, the possibility of a return was opened before the season was completely over. Diaz pitched in the bullpen for the first time since his injury on the 27th and recorded a fastball speed of 150-153km.

In an interview with local reporters on the 29th, Diaz said, “The bullpen throw was light. I want to come back within this season and throw 1 or 2 games. “I want to end the season with a good feeling,” he said.

Despite the absurd incident of a ceremony injury, Diaz said, “I don’t regret it. This is also part of baseball,” he said calmly. 스포츠토토

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