Officials from Hard Rock International and Meadowland Racing have unveiled plans for Meadowland’s new casino and entertainment destination. The new facility will feature 200 table games, 5000 slot machines, between 10 and 15 restaurants, and the New Jersey Music Hall of Fame. Hard Rock International Chairman Jim Allen and Meadow Racket owner Jeff Gural said they presented it through a spring music facility.

Once approved, Hard Rock is ready to begin construction immediately, according to Allen, and “if we are given a chance, it will be up and running by next summer or early autumn.”

New Jersey is looking for new solutions that will help officials and residents revitalize the iconic gaming city and increase its tax base as Atlantic City has struggled in recent years. Since games are currently only allowed within Atlantic City, the state constitution needs to be revised to proceed with the proposed project. That means putting it on a statewide referendum in November. It has won the support of legislators, including Governor Chris Christie, and the city of Atlantic is in favor of using taxes on the proposal.

With 14 million adults within 50 miles of the scene, supporters are excited about the opportunity to attract visitors from other states and compete with New York and Pennsylvania. These two states have expanded their gaming options over the past eight years, generating $13 billion in revenue in New Jersey. 바다이야기

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